Well how is it going? are you caught up yet? I hope so.

Today, we will continue our trip, adding more rows to our doily.
Row 9: slip stitch to go into the middle of our cone from the previous row then chain 3 and DC 4 for our first 5DC and repeat in each cone, remember there are no chains separating these groups of 5.

Row 10: in this row we are using the cluster stitch and the back post double crochet BPDC it is easy, you can google it for the visual.

Start by slip stitching until you reach the first DC from the previous row, then do a cluster in each back post of your DC from the previous row in other words you will have 5 open DC on your hook then loop over and draw through all 5 DC this is known as a DCC5tog  then chain 5 and repeat, close the row with a slip stitch at the top of the cluster.

Row 11: chain 3 then 1 DC cluster for our first pair of  DCC2tog then you chain 4 and anchor with a slip stitch in the space between each  DCC5tog from the previous row, chain 4 and repeat your  DCC2tog at the top of your  DCC5tog from the previous row. Close the row with a slip stitch.

Row 12: is super easy, chain 4 and anchor with a slip stitch in each space from the previous row, chain 4 and repeat. We won’t close this row.

Row 13: in this row we will learn to do the HDCC2tog which stands for 2 half double crochet cluster. Please use the last 4 chains (from the previous row) and go into the chain just before and just after the anchor from the previous row, when you have all the loops on your hook you yarn over and pull through all of them this will make your first pair of HDCC2tog then chain 4 and repeat, we will continue tomorrow . For all the visuals please check photographs or go to you tube.

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  1. Very pretty, following your progress as well. 🙂

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  2. Not joining you on this one but will watch your progress with interest:)

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