This is one of my very own granny square. I choose the Puff Stitch and the Solomon or Lover’s Knot Stitch, these stitches are very easy to master and the classic Double Crochet Stitch, to frame the square.

To start you need a size 4/1.25 mm needle, choose your colors, and choose your yarn, I used Herrschners 2-Ply Afghan Yarn. Make a ring with 6 chains (ch) and close with a slip stitch (sl).

Round 1: chain 3 count it as your first stitch,  2 dc separate by 2 ch and 3 dc makes your first corner ch 1 and repeat 3 dc separate by 2 ch and 3 dc for your second corner repeat two more times until you have 4 corners.

Round 2: ch 3 , 2 dc, 2 ch and 3 dc, 2 ch. 3 dc will make your first corner, ch 1 and repeat 3 more times to make your 4 corner. This is the heart of my granny squares, starting with the 3 round I am starting with the puff stitch. You can start with the puff stitch instead of the double crochet, it is your party and you can have it your way 🙂

Round 3: choose a different color yarn and make your puffs with 5 yarn over (yo)and separate by 2 ch to make your first corner, ch 5 and 1 puff in the lower space (which was your ch 1, in the second round), ch 5 and make your corner. Repeat this 3 more times to complete your round.

Round 4: with the same color yarn make 1 puff , ch 1, 1 puff for your first corner, ch 3 and make 2 puffs (these are smaller, yo 3 times instead of 5)and separate each puff with 3 ch, ch 3 and make your second corner, repeat 2 more times to complete the round.

Round 5: change color and make your first corner with 2 puffs separated by 2 ch, ch 6 and 1 puff of 5 yo in the 2 smaller puffs from round 4, repeat 3 more times to complete your round.

Round 6: with the same color from round 4 you make your corner: 1 puff with 5 yo, 2 ch, 1 puff, ch 8 and one single crochet (sc) in the middle of the ch 6 from round 5, ch 8 repeat the pattern until you reach the next corner,  you will have 4 sets of 8 ch between each corner.

Round 7 : change color and make your corner like in round 6, and instead of 8 chains you are going to use the Solomon’s knot, there will be 5 spaces between corners.

Round 8: repeat round 7  with the same color. This round will have 6 spaces of Solomon’s knot between corners.

Round 9: change color and make corners with puff stitch or double crochet. I choose to use dc. between corners you have 5 sets of 4 dc.


  1. what a great way to explain granny squares.


  2. crocheticknits says:

    This is lovely! I think I will have to give this a go for my crochet mood blanket!


  3. Very beautiful. Love the idea of integrating Solomon’s knots into granny squares. clever 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for “liking” my post on the “snowball fight in a bucket.” we are having a beginner’s granny square class coming up soon and your puff and Solomon knot square would be a great idea for a follow-up class. aThanks for the tutorial.


  5. Those are so cute, and I have the desire to make them but holy, that is greek to me. I think I need the ‘intense’ beginner course LOL. The one where someone moves my hands like a puppet. I’ve only made spiral scarves this year. But someone I know has offered to show me these. Thanks for popping in to my blog. Happy New Year.
    PS. Like the background on your Blog!


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