Being online is very addictive, but rewarding. I like to connect with you, see what is happening in your world, get inspiration, etc. and just say Hi or drink virtual coffee or tea with you πŸ™‚

My TwitterΒ account is growing, and it would be nice to see more WordPress bloggers, on twitter, but I am not complaining, Twitter is not for everyone πŸ™‚Β 

If you crochet then please twitter, they are not many active account of Crochet Artists at the moment, and I would like to see that change in the near future.

My FacebookΒ page: Β I made a big mistake to convert my first Facebook account to a page and I cannot go back, so I created a new Daniellajoe FacebookΒ so I can chat again with you, this one is a personal account. The only bad thing is I will need to friend you again, which is taking me forever, so if you see me asking to be your friend again, don’t think I am off my rocker πŸ™‚

My PinterestΒ is growing nicely and I am very proud of all my pins, trust me they are really lots and lots of creative Artisans out there. Feel free to check all my Boards and pin from them.

My InstagramΒ is very new but I already have several WordPress friends who check in regularly to say Hi, and have tea or coffee with me, and I do the same πŸ™‚

So, these are my networks, for now. I eventually may visit Ravelry and the others but I don’t see that as happening any time soon, my time is very limited.

These are ways we can connect and share our projects. Let me know if you are on any one of these platforms, I will love to visit with you, before the spring and summer arrives.

For me, every thing slows down when the days are pretty and the sun is shinning. My online presence is no exception πŸ™‚

Have a fun Monday!! enjoy!! Today is A Gift…


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  1. I’m new to blogging and am starting to get more involved in other social media outlets like Facebook and Pinterest. I have a twitter account but never use it although I’m trying to change that! It can get confusing and overwhelming trying to understand it all but I am determined πŸ™‚ This was a great post.


  2. I am on Twitter as saysellcrochet and I also have a FB page of the same name. I am also on Ravelry as Pasmonauta, which is also my personal Twitter account name, but I haven’t used that for a while as I find I haven’t got the time for all. I also tried Google+, but find it a bit useless. So much to do, so little time…!

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  3. Following you on Twitter. I would love if you would visit with me at my FB page-https://www.facebook.com/SayVerySweetThings

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  4. I only have time to blog. 😦 You are very active. That’s wonderful.


  5. It is quite time consuming to keep up with all the new social media outlets, I am sorry to say that all I do is blog but that is what I can find the time to do at the moment. Maybe in the future I will engage with twitter etc. Plus I am of an age where it does not come to me quite so easily as it does to the youth of today.

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  6. Hi I’m slowly expanding my social network so this is very helpful thanks x

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  7. Hey Lady, I just followed you on IG. I found I’ve been cheating on my blog with it lately so it’s nice to find crafters I enjoy on there! πŸ˜€

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  8. Really like your Instagram, my twitter is https://twitter.com/toopubliceesh and about to follow you. I like to get to know folks as well…

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  9. You are right, today is a gift x

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