I am totally not able to work with the few hours I have left for crafting and blogging. I have tried several different ways and I have come up short every single time. 

I will finish the Road Trip aka Crochet Along but I really need more time, I think you know how I feel, right? It’s horrible when you can’t relax with Hook and Yarn (my favorite pets) every single day….

I haven’t touched it in a full week, but I will add few rows soon, I promise 😔

Well, thanks, for understanding. I didn’t get to celebrate my little Blog’s birthday either which is a shame, but it will still happen.

I have no idea how I’m going to keep blogging and crafting but:

We will see…. Have a better time than me okay?!


Thread Crochet is in the air! I have decided that a thread crochet doily is what we should do next.

There are several types of doilies made with thread: the lacy type and the solid type.

We did a lacy tablecloth some years ago so now I want a solid doily type, think in your mind Overlay Crochet or Mandala.

The basic color we are using is white but I have a feeling that we are going to do some overlay to give the doily a nice spring feel, so check to see if you have any strips of thread you didn’t want to throw away, we are using every bit.

So, a no fuss Road Trip will be on its way tomorrow morning, please have these ready:

Size #10 thread

Images are thanks to Google 
Changing subjects: I am working on several other thread crochet projects but the going is slow because I am using the solid type of  work instead of the lacy open crochet.

See You bright and early 😀



I want to share this technique with you because I find that borders make any project looks “finished ” and I like the bullion stitch.

Edie Eckman has several books out, and I want to share a link to a giveaway.

I lost 10 hours of crafting because of my daytime job and it’s not sitting well with me, I miss my chats with You, our almost daily creative input.

Changing subjects: the Road Trip is taking off soon…


March is always special around here because this little blog of mine is having another birthday.

I am committed to keeping her growing and healthy 😀 and celebrating each and every birthday with each one of You.

I have lots of plans for March, like coming out of hibernation for one 😀 and setting several crochet goals for myself, and the blog. 

There is still so much to learn, projects to make, and best of all I get to share it with You!

March is my “Creativity on Steroids” month, I am planning Road Trips aka Crochet Alongs and sincerely hoping I won’t get any flat tires or mechanical errors 😀

I am working on several tall stitches, using different techniques to create crochet in 3D format, I love texture.

I want to use yarn, tarn and thread, plus anything I can recycle. 

Do you recycle your yarn? If the answer is No! Then why not? Maybe we can do another yarn recycling project.

So, let me stop here, I have so much more to share but I need to go for now.

Have a Fantastic and Creative Day, it is a gift!

All images are thanks to Google


I hope you had a very lovely day today, I didn’t want to end the day without sending you lots of chocolates and balloons and flowers and everything lovely. This day is not only for couples it celebrates friendship too 😀 

It is really nice to have a day when I can tell you that you are special and that you are appreciated and I love my visits with You!

Stay lovely and don’t forget to be thankful everyday!! Hugs and kisses 😘 

All photographs are thanks to Google

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