I am slowly getting back into regular posting. I have noticed that  when I post often ideas just flow from me, when I take a break  from posting, I find it much more difficult  to jump right into daily posting…Isn’t this just like exercise ? 🙂

Well, let us get out of  our state of inertia and build up momentum again:

“inertia [(i-nur-shuh)] In physics, the tendency for objects at rest to remain at rest, and for objects in uniform motion to continue in motion in a straight line, unless acted on by an outside force. (See Newton’s laws of motion.)”

So…shake off the cobwebs and start working on whatever craft you are perfecting at the moment.

I have started working on   TMB   again and I hope to show you some real progress soon, RR I need to do a finish post ASAP…

I want to go into colors today, this will help us understand the theory behind choosing colors for our projects, decorating, etc.

Blog: art lessons, art reviews, color theory / Fine Artist Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro / Washington DC:

Colour wheel:

If you click on the photograph above it will take you to a very interesting article.

I am going to keep this as a reference  tool because sometimes you just want to know what goes with what without spending time going through lots of research 🙂

This is all for now, Have A Terrific Thursday okay??!! 🙂




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