This post is to wish you a very nice summer day today!!! and to tell you:
the date is set for The Road Trip a.k.a Collar CAL. I believe we have had enough time to practice our broomstick lace stitch.

This Broomstick Lace Collar new from J. G. Burdette is proof that we are ready to go, this is just her practice collar, J. G. is coming along on this trip, I hope she can give us tips too.

My practice collar (halfway done):20130711-143818.jpg

The accomodations are luxurious


Departure Date: Friday, July 19th, 2013 Be There!!!!

Have a Fun and Relaxed Weekend Artisans!!!!!


The preparation for our Road Trip a.k.a Collar CAL is entering its first stages.

We need to select what type of thread or yarn we want to use. I will be using a bamboo yarn, it is sleek and shiny and I love to work with this yarn, it is easy on my hands too.

Next, choose your color and your needle size. You are going to need a regular hook and a jumbo size hook or ruler or broomstick for that matter, please don’t laugh this is serious.

I am posting several types of collars, but I think I like the rounded collar best, for our first try.

So you get the idea, do a google images search like I did and see which collar you really like and you will see how the finish collar should look.

I started my practice run on saturday and it is not a difficult stitch but like anything else, you need practice to keep the lace looking perfect.

So this plus this

should give us a nice looking collar. What do you think??

This is all for now fellow Artisans, and don’t forget to Stay Focused and Inspired and Organized, we will try to start very soon….






Stunning black crochet collar necklace

woolderland on Ravelry

These collars are all stunning, I found them on Pinterest.

I believe they can be a “Day Project”, they shouldn’t take too long, you can adapt them or visit the owners and get the patterns, but please make a collar soon.

This post is to give us/me a dose of inspiration and why not learn a new stitch today??

Have a great Day!!! and I will See You Soon….


I have finished my BB after many months of not working on it, but at last it is here.

The zipper I used for the inside pouch is recycled, the cloth is not, but it cost less than $2.00 at Wal-Mart.

I used two yarns to create an ultra strong bag and the two yarns gives the bag that multi colored look that makes it unique.

Well there is not much else to say about my BB other than: “I’m glad I finally finished it!!!”.


I hope you think it was worth all the effort I put in…



Clones Lace is very near the top of perfection when it comes to lace  crochet, in my opinion.  The level of skill is very high and the creative part is limitless.

You can create works of art “out of thin air”, like Maire Treanor says “it is the original freeform crochet, they are no rules” I like that concept.

Clones Lace is exquisite and Maire Treanor is the expert for this type of lace. I want to learn but I have not started any projects yet. I know it is going to take serious dedication, so I have put it on the back burner for now.

The clones knot is a vital part and she makes it seem easy. For her,  it probably is, because she has made thousands of them. Take a look at this video:


This Blog,  Clones Lace, is a gem for all  who want to learn 

Clones Lace

Clones Lace (Photo credit: stitchlily)

this form of crochet.



Clones Lace Doiley Thingy

Clones Lace Doiley Thingy (Photo credit: stitchlily)

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