Row 7: This row is made up of cute popcorns and half double crochet stitch: one popcorn-2HDC-popcorn. To make the popcorn stitch you chain 3 and then slip stitch in the first chain this makes a little corn that separates each pair of HDC, slip stitch to close row.

Row 8: This row introduces the slip stitch. You want to work in each space between the pair of HDC and in the front.  Please relax your tension, you want to work very loosely, if not you will see your work getting tight, slip stitch to close row.

Row 9: This row introduces a very low tension stitch, please relax and keep your grip light:

Start by yarning over and working in the B-a-c-k of the slip stitch, meaning the Back of the popcorns, please use photos as guide, next yarn over and go under the stitch and repeat 5 times until you have lots of yarn on your hook (first photo) then close with a slip stitch.

Then you want to work in one loop of the slip stitch, close with a slip stitch, then repeat one more time, this gives the space between the fat stitches ( forgive the name, if you have a better name then let me know πŸ˜€)

It is hard to explain but look at the photos for the visual.

This is all for now, if you have any questions, please let me know….

Forgive the picture quality, the lighting is not very good at night 😩


Row 3: chain 3 and 2 treble cluster then anchor with a slip stitch in the next space, the next group is what you will need to do until you reach the end of the row: 3 treble cluster (call it any name you wish) yarn over and close all 3 clusters then anchor this cluster in the next space with a slip stitch:

Row 4: chain 2 then 4 puffs close the puff then add 1 chain then 1 double crochet then 1 chain, for all others it is 5 yarn over puffs then close then add 2 chain then 2 double crochet then 1 chain and repeat:

You notice the double crochet is anchored in the space just before the treble group from the previous row, and the puff is worked right after the 3 chains and before the two treble clusters. Close the row with a puff and slip stitch closed:

Row 5: chain 1 then 2 single crochet in the same space, we are working in the spaces before and after puffs, repeat

Row 6: chain 3 and anchor in the space after the two single crochet, repeat and slip stitch to close the row:

This is all for now, let me know if you have any questions πŸ˜€


Good morning Artisans!! It is so nice to embark on this Crochet Along aka Road Trip.

I decided to call it Compact Doily because it won’t be lacy, it is going to be “solid-looking”.

So, take out your hook and thread and wrap around your thread about six times, this is just an example, I did mine about six or seven times but I did not photograph it, silly me.

It should look like this:Β 

This is what we call a magic ring and next, you want to do 40 single crochet into the ring, close with a slip stitch.

Next row: you want to chain 2 and slip stitch into each single crochet (work in the back loop) from the previous row. This row won’t lay perfectly flat because it has extra stitches, if it is tight you know you are doing something wrong.

Next row: We are working with the Puff Stitch, here’s the diagram ( thanks to Renate Kirkpatrick

Make certain you yarn over 5 times, so chain 3 and make your first puff with only 4 yarn overs and place in the first space (the 2 chains form a tiny space, this is where you want to work) you close your puff with one slip stitch and add 2 chains to separate each puff. You want to work in every other space, at the end of this row you must have 20 or 21 puffs, it doesn’t have to be precise.

Let us stop here. You will have more work next timeπŸ˜€


Thread Crochet is in the air! I have decided that a thread crochet doily is what we should do next.

There are several types of doilies made with thread: the lacy type and the solid type.

We did a lacy tablecloth some years ago so now I want a solid doily type, think in your mind Overlay Crochet or Mandala.

The basic color we are using is white but I have a feeling that we are going to do some overlay to give the doily a nice spring feel, so check to see if you have any strips of thread you didn’t want to throw away, we are using every bit.

So, a no fuss Road Trip will be on its way tomorrow morning, please have these ready:

Size #10 thread

Images are thanks to Google 
Changing subjects: I am working on several other thread crochet projects but the going is slow because I am using the solid type of  work instead of the lacy open crochet.

See You bright and early πŸ˜€


TGIF 9/25/15

Thank God it is Friday, so now we will have more time to work uninterrupted, Yay!!

Let me start by saying that the Road Trip is definitely a go, it will probably be the last one for the year, who knows.

Preparations have started for our  Tool/WIP Bag crochet along a.k.a T/W Bag Road Trip.

I want to design it to hold a nice size project or several smaller projects. While the bag won’t be tiny  it most definitely won’t be massive either, please leave the 50 pounds afghan at home, we need our shoulders to stay healthy and pain-free πŸ™‚

Plus we need a smaller container to keep our hooks and ends in one spot, so that is part of  the design too.

I want to use a thick and chunky yarn or T-shirt yarn, if you do not have any of these two types in your inventory that is okay,  you can use double or triple strand of any nice size yarn.

The hook you choose for this trip should be big enough for the job. Practice with several sizes of hooks until you find the size that works best with your yarn. The best hooks are the ones that glides and pick up the yarn with ease.

Departure date is not set yet but it is in the near future. Transportation this time will be a double-decker bus used for sightseeing, it will probably look like this one:

or this one.  I am leaving it up to you to choose πŸ™‚

pretend you don’t see the name on the bus, just choose the type of double-decker you prefer.

We are doing a sampler type  project this time, this means we will learn new stitches. I have not figured out how many just yet, but I will let you know before hand so you can practice each stitch before departure time. You choose your colors, the more the merrier.

If you need to buy yarn then kindly go to the sale bin or the clearance bin, no need to break the budget at this time of the year.

This is all for now, I am wishing you a very Happy Autumn Weekend……See You Soon….


images courtesy of google



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