We are done!!! and I think I like my pillow/cushion.

The overlay crochet technique is not hard but it takes more concentration than regular crochet.  

It makes a very compact cloth which is perfect for a lot of things like place mats, doilies, cushions, pillows, wall art, etc.

The yarn I used for this project was 100% recycled from an old project from some years back and I must point out that the yarn looks brand new and so is my cushion 🙂 I am happy!!

So, here is my rendition of the Overlay Crochet:


If you were following this tutorial, feel free to adapt your doily to whatever you need at the moment.

This is the gallery of the whole tutorial:

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I hope you give this technique a try, I think you will enjoy it very much.

Take it easy and Crochet on…




Crochet overlay is a form of crochet that gives you a nice dense cloth, while Lace crochet is just the opposite, it has lots of open spaces, look at this tutorial from Lilla Bjorn:

The stitches are all basic: slip stitch and a double treble stitch, this type of crochet takes a little more time because you work to fill up all open spaces.

Another stitch it uses often is the front post double crochet, and back loop double crochet, these two stitches gives your project a nice 3D effect.

Enjoy!!! Have a Happy Tuesday, It is A Gift!

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I think overlay crochet is art in the purest form, and I want to learn it before the month is over. I know my plate is full and running over but still…. 🙂

LillaBjornCrochet she specializes in this form of crochet. I learned about her while visiting with Cassie . There are a lots of beautiful work out there by lots of different artists.

PATTERN - Crocheted pillow with lotus flower - granny square motif - overlay crochet cushion - instant download

I linked her Etsy shop and her blog (click on the blue mandala) so you can visit with her too, she’s going to be my best friend 🙂

Okay, I need to leave these with you, Get Inspired!!

Happy Thursday!!! 

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