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The gift card is worth $30.00 and if you use it with the discounts and sale items it will stretch  🙂


Happy Thursday Artisans!!! Spread the word… 🙂


Happy Monday One and All!! this is the last Monday in March and yes,  it blows my mind how time flies….I say that A Lot 🙂 but it is true.

Crochet Month 2016 is almost over and we are hoping all Artisans are having a fun and creative month so far 🙂 

My lovely fellow blogger Susie asked me if I charge for my patterns and the answer is NO!! all my Road Trips a.k.a Crochet Along are free, but, If you link back to me I will be very happy.

The main purpose of this blog is to learn and teach crochet. I expect that over time the goal and purposes of my blog will evolve, but for now, this is my main purpose.

You should know that I learn as I teach, because Practice makes Perfect. Some areas of crochet is very easy for me because I have used them a lot, other areas like Overlay Crochet is not.

I am learning right along with you. Comments are always welcome, Tips are always welcome too 🙂 let us all learn and perfect our skills to keep Crochet alive for the newer generations…

Let me just give you an example that I am learning right along with you: I had 3 rows done and photographed when I decided that : 

                “this doesn’t look like Overlay”

so I frogged  (unraveled)  3 whole rows, it hurt like a lot! but hey that is the price I pay to learn 🙂 so see? I am learning this form of crochet too…

Changing subjects: I always have a Birthday Month Giveaway just to say  T H A N K   Y O U!!! for each one of you that keep me going and this year is no different.

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This Giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. It is a JoAnn  gift card in the amount of $30.00 to use for supplies for your Tool Box.


I am going to use Thursday, March 31st as the day for the giveaway, so check back daily but especially on that day 🙂

Another thing: I am open for orders if you are not a Crochet artist and you really want something done, I won’t say No! I will definitely fill your order.

My email is daniellajoe5307@aol.com this is in response to a lovely blogger’s question.

So, this is all for Today, Enjoy, It is A Gift!






I am calling this project a doily, I hope you don’t mind. Mandalas are everywhere so, let us call ours a doily, okay 🙂

Tips: I am using my left over yarn of various colors so I am not going to point out any changes of colors. You can decide to change or not to change colors. 

If you choose to use several colors then try to use colors that are pleasant with each other. If you think you need a little help, please click here. For the Color Wheel.

Okay, now we are ready to start: Chain 3 and close the circle with a slip stitch, next chain 2 and make 7 half double crochet (HDC) in the circle, for a total of 8 HDC, then close the row with a slip stitch.


Row 1: in this row we are working in the back loop of our DC. You want to put 3 double crochet in the back loop of each DC from the previous row, so at the end of the row you will have a total of 24 double crochet (DC), then close with a slip stitch.

Row 2: in this row we are using the slip stitch (SS) and working into the space between each DC, close the row with a slip stitch.


 Row 3: in this row we are having two change-up, chain 3 then DC in the next slip stitch then single crochet in the next SS. In other words: after your SS you chain 3 then double in the next SS then a SS in the third SS, from the previous row.

Nutshell: 3 CH – 1 DC – 1 SS, this makes a nice little petal.

Row 4: in this row we are working in the space between each petal, above each petal and anchoring with a single crochet (SC) in the SS from the previous row. So, chain 3 then 1 DC in the same space then chain 3 and anchor with a single crochet (SC) in the SS from the previous row. Nutshell: 3 CH – 1 DC in the same space – 3 CH – 1 SC. 




We don’t need to have the full pattern to start, I have decided to start our doily tomorrow and design as I go along, this is much easier for me.

So, starting tomorrow we will start our Overlay Crochet Doily. I will say it is a little more intense than the first doily but nothing to be scared of, you probably  know all the stitches already, it just takes a little more concentration because the pattern changes more often.

Just think (in your mind) that this doily is like a highway with lots of turns and curves, you need to stay focused if not you will need to frog or unravel which is a bad word in itself 🙂

I hope my little pep talk is working…

Okay, so for this project we are going to use yarn,  you should have sufficient at home without having to spend a dime. Next choose your hook and you are all set to go.

Overlay Crochet has to do with filling up spaces,  so this doily will look more like a dense cloth, as opposed to our first doily which was more “airy” and lace like.

I think they are levels in this type of Crochet too. I have seen some that are really elaborate….. but we may not be doing that…but who knows: I tend to change my mind often 🙂

So, just immerse yourself in overlay crochet and relax, it is going to be fun 🙂


Have a great Thursday!!!

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We want to add one more row so your shell look “closed”.



The last row is very similar to the row below. Here you do 10 chains anchor with a single crochet in the single crochet from the previous row and a single double crochet cluster in the space between he last pair, so: 10 CH – 1 DC – 10 CH – 1 DCC.

Tips: Wash and starch your doily. I prefer to iron my doily. I created the circles in the pattern by wiggling one finger in a circle.

Here are the visuals:

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