Monday is here! and my goals for this week? to finish one cushion and to continue working on Little Junior.

05132013 00805132013 009

I attached the motifs and then decided I did not like the way they looked, so I had to unravel, which is not my most favorite thing to do.

I am happy with the way the cushion looks now, and I have decided to replace the navy blue yarn (which is really rough) with a baby soft yarn (that I got for free at Jo-Ann), because I had a coupon) this is it:05132013 003it is baby soft and a very nice shade of blue too, and it should last forever.

I like it!! This yarn is the thickest of them all. I have no idea what it is going to look like when I crochet a row or two, or what stitch I am going to use.

Well this is my favorite WIP today. How are you doing? Are you working on only one project today??

Stay Inspired Artisans!! See You Soon…







I have officially started my yarnbomb project.

Call me crazy maybe, but please call me Frugal on top of crazy, as you know by now I keep a lot of items out of the landfill, and by doing so I have saved money, lots of it.

I have a couch that needs a facelift, a heavy duty facelift. Everything else is in pristine working condition. It really doesn’t need to end up in a landfill somewhere when it has many more useful years of life. It is like retiring in your twenties, or thirties or forties or fifties or sixties, you get the picture… It Is Crazy….

05012013 001so here it is, the before picture of Couch, pretty hideous.

I want to cover it first with old blankets, then I will add the crochet squares:05012013 002it involves lots of sewing by hand. I wish I had a magic wand to do the sewing part so that I could start on the fun part right away.

04292013 00105012013 003

Changing subjects for a second, no one has claimed the stitch I made up years ago, so I need to contact that guy from a Stitch a day to see if he has ever seen it, if his answer is no, then I am officially going to name it DJ cluster stitch, or something along those lines.

P.S Jane from Rainbow really has a clinical eye she deciphered the stitch just by looking at the photograph, that is talent. I am going to post a tutorial as soon as the stitch is officially named.

So back to the yarnbomb, I am unraveling the blouse to add to my squares, hopefully I wont need to buy anymore yarn…

Well this is all for now, hoping you have a beautiful and creative day today…See You Soon…



04012013 00504012013 005

2 designer dish cloths and a handmade felted soap goes to knitnrun4sanity, Alice you are funny, I hope you enjoy using your gifts.

04012013 00804012013 008

1 designer dish cloth and a hand-made felted soap goes to CrochetCapricorn, I hope you enjoy your gift!!!

04012013 00604012013 006

This gift is for a fellow blogger and artisan who has faithfully checked my crochet along written pattern for errors. Rainbow loves to crochet socks, so Jane, these are to add to your stash, plus a handmade felted soap, Enjoy!!

Thanks to all who participated and I wish you luck next time.

In other news: if you are participating in the CAL, I am very happy to announce that we are about 2 miles from port.

It has been a nice maiden voyage for us, we have had rough weather now and again but nothing like a rogue wave or even a hurricane, maybe next time 🙂

Keep learning different stitches, if we decide to take another cruise, it could come in handy.

Enjoy today it is a gift, See You Soon….

Pinterest Finds…


Don’t throw away Anything Yarn, you can use it to build another project. Waste is bad when it comes to yarns.

INSPIRATION:    Chitweed's Babette Table Runner via ravelry (awesome stash buster!)

Spring is almost here and you can use all your leftovers yarn for very pretty happy projects. These are from Pinterest, you can visit and get inspiration for your spring projects. 

Have a great creative Wednesday, enjoy!!!! See You Soon…


ROW 57

Row 57 is the last row where we will see growth in the massive pineapple. We are seeing the majestic Treble (Tr) again. We are more than halfway through, this tablecloth will be able to fit a nice size coffee table.

02042013 01502042013 016

02042013 01702042013 018

Nutshell: 18 dc – 10 ch – small fan – 3 ch – 3 dc – 3 ch – small fan – 3 ch – 6 Tr (in the cone)  – 3 ch – small fan – 3 ch – 3 dc – 3 ch – small fan – 10 ch, repeat.

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