Row 3: chain 3 and 2 treble cluster then anchor with a slip stitch in the next space, the next group is what you will need to do until you reach the end of the row: 3 treble cluster (call it any name you wish) yarn over and close all 3 clusters then anchor this cluster in the next space with a slip stitch:

Row 4: chain 2 then 4 puffs close the puff then add 1 chain then 1 double crochet then 1 chain, for all others it is 5 yarn over puffs then close then add 2 chain then 2 double crochet then 1 chain and repeat:

You notice the double crochet is anchored in the space just before the treble group from the previous row, and the puff is worked right after the 3 chains and before the two treble clusters. Close the row with a puff and slip stitch closed:

Row 5: chain 1 then 2 single crochet in the same space, we are working in the spaces before and after puffs, repeat

Row 6: chain 3 and anchor in the space after the two single crochet, repeat and slip stitch to close the row:

This is all for now, let me know if you have any questions 😀


I am so happy to announce that I finally have my doily dyed in an autumn hue, thanks to Rit dye.

You will notice tiny areas are still a little lighter but all in all it did a good job.

I had to soak it and then let it dry two times, before it was 99% Covered… it could be the yarn that is resistant to dye.

Now I can concentrate on the doily that both Pumpkins are going to be sitting on.

I am adjusting the pattern so it may look a little different 😀

So, this is all for now, Happy Week and Happy Monday!!

See You Soon…

Last photograph thanks to Google 


These rows are easy and stress free.

Tips: Row A: there are no chains separating the pair of shells. Row B: the 2 DCC are worked into the spaces between shells. Row C: the 1 DC is similar to a front post double crochet, please check the photograph. Any questions let me know.

Row A:    6 CH – shell – shell

Row B:  14 CH – 2 DCC – 1 CH – 2 DCC – 1 CH – 2 DCC 

Row C:   7 CH – 1 DC – 7 CH – 2 DCC – 1 CH – 2 DCC 



Today we are doing pretty much the same thing except that we are increasing by 2 chains to separate each group.


Row A:  6 CH – etc.

Row B:  8 CH – etc

Row C: 10 CH – etc

Row D: 10 CH – 3 headed shell – etc

Check the Photograph, it’s what we have done before. Practice makes perfect 🙂



This doily is for everyone , the level is easy and it is perfect for the beginners. We are using only a few basic stitches, that I am hopeful you already know how to do. This doily will help you master the basics.

Let us start by chosing your thread and your hook then you want to chain 10 and close with a slip stitch, this will give you a circle.

Next, chain 1 and do 30 half double crochet (HDC) in this circle and close with a slip stitch (SS).


Row #1: we are working in the back loop (BL), and in every other HDC from the previous row. So chain 5  (this is your first DC) skip one HDC, then do a double crochet (DC) chain (CH) 2 and repeat until you reach the end of the row, close with a SS. Nutshell: 1 DC – 2 CH – 1 DC. You should have 15 DC at the close of this row.


Row #2: we are going to do the “waves”  which is just chains and anchoring it in place with a single crochet (SC) instead of a slip stitch. So, chain 5 and anchor in each DC from previous row,  repeat until you reach the end of the row,  the last 5 chains must be anchored in the base of the first 5 chains.


Row #3: we are working to fill in the waves, so, slip stitch into the first chain of the first wave then chain 1 and do 4 HDC for a total of 5 HDC in each wave chain 3 to separate each group and repeat until you reach the end of the row, then you close with a SS in the top of the first chain of your first 5 HDC.           Nutshell: 5 HDC – 3 CH – 5 HDC.

Row #4: we are working in the spaces between each group of 5 HDC, to make a cone (1 DC – 1 CH – 1 DC) so,  chain 4 and do a DC in the same space, this is your first cone, then chain 3 and repeat, close with a slip stitch. Nutshell: Cone – 3 CH – Cone.

Row #5: we are filling in our cone with 5 cluster DC but first you need to slip stitch into the center of the cone then you chain 3 and do 4 clusters, this is your first group of 5 cluster double crochet (DCC) close it with one stitch. You tube have great videos about the DC cluster stitch, close with a SS. Nutshell: 5 DCC – 5 ch – 5 DCC.

Row #6: this row is the row you need to memorize because we are repeating it until you reach your desired doily size. The only change is the  increase we are having between shells, this is important because we need the doily to lay flat. 

We are working in the middle of the cluster from the previous row and we are using the shell stitch (2 DC – 2 CH – 2 DC) remember the first shell is a little different from the rest: chain 3 then 1 DC then 2 CH then 2 DC this is your first shell next you chain 6 to separate one shell from another and repeat until the end of the row, close with a SS.                               Nutshell: shell – 6 CH – shell.

Row #7: shell – 8 CH – shell, and so on, increase by 2 on each row. Let us stop here. Check photos for the visuals.


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