The Game is this weekend, Are You Ready?!

Ok, I may not like that sport a lot but I must admit: it’s exciting to watch the Super Bowl 😀

So, I decided to give the guys a treat, of the crochet kind….  I went window shopping on Pinterest to find football stuff 😀

I think these are perfect for the big game, they look like at least a week project, so why not start on Sunday and finish in a week? Just a thought….

There’s something for everyone on your list. But I think the cutest projects are the ones for infants 😀

So, choose one of these projects and get ready for this Sunday, if you leave a link I will post it.

Have a fun weekend and a happy Friday!!!

All images are thanks to Pinterest and Google 


Good morning!!! How’s it going? I hope it’s going fantastic 😀

This weekend I worked on several projects and tried to decipher a very pretty lace vintage… I had no luck, the first round was no problem but the second round is hard…

This is the lace:

Plus I started a thread doily, I love thread crochet and I was missing it 😀

Plus,  I’m working on something for my bathroom counters….

I think I’m back into the full swing of creative crochet and I’m happy 😀

Happy Monday Artisans!!! Have s great week!!


I am still around, but I am trying to finish so many UFOs (un-finished objects) before December rolls in, it’s a little crazy…

I have a feeling You are doing exactly the same thing  😀

My Thanksgiving doily is still a dream away and it is not good because Thanksgiving is next Thursday, don’t ask me how that happened…

I want to work on my Secret Santa gifts too, my hands are really full…I don’t know if I am coming or  if I am going…I don’t even know what day of the week it is…

I really want to have one last Road Trip aka Crochet Along with all of you, but we will have to see if I can pull that off…

But I can dream big, so here are my ideas: One big Star or a Star garland, take a look at these: 

Image result for big crochet christmas garlands


Image result for big crochet christmas star



Related image

What do You think? I want this trip to be short nothing more than 4 or 5 days.

Well, this is all for now, let me know your thoughts… See You Soon…

all images are thanks to Google 🙂


I like to change up Christmas colors every year, because if not the holiday can become “not Exciting = BORING “.

So, I found a website that helped me a lot: because they condensed the colors by palettes. is where you will find these beautiful colors:

I like them all but I’m partial to the ones with gray and red, you know why 😀

So, what color palette is your favorite? Or do you like the traditional colors?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


I am so happy to announce that I finally have my doily dyed in an autumn hue, thanks to Rit dye.

You will notice tiny areas are still a little lighter but all in all it did a good job.

I had to soak it and then let it dry two times, before it was 99% Covered… it could be the yarn that is resistant to dye.

Now I can concentrate on the doily that both Pumpkins are going to be sitting on.

I am adjusting the pattern so it may look a little different 😀

So, this is all for now, Happy Week and Happy Monday!!

See You Soon…

Last photograph thanks to Google 

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