I love crossing of WIP’s off my long list, and today, I want to let you know that the Cocoon is officially off, Yay!!

It didn’t take me too long because it is a  ” baby size” project (a newborn size to be exact) and let us hope that newborn girl is petite.

I love working with clusters and puffs and popcorn stitches, I just love the 3D look and the texture it gives the project.

You should know however, that these stitches like to eat yarn so if you are not certain you have enough yarn for your project: Stay Away!!! ……from these stitches.

I added a little thread yarn to the last row to give it a “Finished Look”  and yes!, I like to combine yarn and thread sometime, I am unconventional at times.

So, here is my cocoon and I hope you like it too:

It, can be adjusted around the newborn because I added a tiny little string, a did not want anything long and hanging, just to prevent any type of accidents.

I used up all the skein on this project and the yarn I found it in the baby yarn isle at JoAnn’s, so it was a soft yarn to begin with, but I still treated it for added softness.

The yarn is white so I hand-washed it with real detergent, rinse that out and then washed it again in shampoo,  rinse that out and then left it in the conditioner, for about 2 hours, then rinsed that out and left it to air dry.

I am going to recommend to the new Mom to wash it again before she uses it on the newborn.

The more you wash acrylic yarn the softer it gets so I expect that it will get softer and bigger as time goes by and hopefully the baby can use it for several months.

Things I have learned: 1- before you start your project try to get measurements online and keep counting, so all your rows are about the same width. 2- I gave my cocoon a little more width at the bottom for “wiggle space”. 3- Relax my tension, yarn is not thread 😀.

I don’t like to count a lot (shame on me) so I have several widths, but it is adjustable so it should not matter too much.

Crochet cocoons are easy to make and very practical and I hope you try to make one soon. I totally enjoyed this project.




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