Hello!! It is a beautiful day today, and we are very excited to start our Road Trip on this third Monday in September. We will be making crochet bottle covers for our Christmas gifts of wine or champagne or non alcoholic drinks.

Please take a seat and take out your supplies. We will start shortly.

To start, I want you to take a look at your bottle and see where the label is at, because we are going to cover those areas. You will need to add rows or decrease rows depending on the markings on your bottle.

My bottle is tall and slim so I am working my rows to cover all the labels. Keep this in mind because you are going to adjust this pattern for each bottle.

To start let us chain 10 and close with a slip stitch. Next chain one and half double crochet (HDC) 19 for a total of 20 then close circle with slip stitch.

Next, chain 5 and anchor with a single crochet between a pair of HDC from the last row. The pattern here is: 4 chains and the anchor is 1 single crochet.  At this point you may want to add two rows if your bottle is wider.

Next, we slip stitch until we are in the loop from the previous row, then chain 2 plus 1 DC (double crochet) for your first pair of DC, then chain 3 and repeat. The pattern here is: 2 DC – 3 CH, repeat and close row with a slip stitch.

Next, chain 1 and work single crochet (SC) into the loops and a SC between the pair of DC from the previous row. The pattern her is: 3 SC in loop and 1 SC between the pair of DC, repeat.

Now, you will need to SC in each space and continue this pattern for several rows, you may want to mark the end of the row or if you are into “No Stress” like me sometimes, then just go round and around. The only thing is you will need to keep fitting your bottle.

You want a snug fit, if it is too tight increase stitches and continue on your merry way until you have about 6 to 8 rows or 10 if you like the look.

When you reach this point you want to check where the end of the row is (if you did not mark it) then we are doing one row of HDC in each space, close the row with a slip stitch.

Next, we want to make the small loops: chain 4 and anchor, this time with a slip stitch NOT a single crochet. The pattern here is: 4 CH – slip stitch SS – repeat, no need to close just go around and around until you have covered all the labeling on the bottle.

Let us stop here so you can complete your work and relax. Check the photographs for a visual.










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