We are starting the count down on this doily so, these rows will bring slight changes to the chains that separate each group of shells, so in other words: it is going to take a little more concentration.


Row A:  10 CH –   shell   – 2 CH   –   shell

Row B:   8 CH  –   shell   – 3 CH   –   shell

Row C:   6 CH  –   shell   – 3 CH   –   shell

Row D:   4 CH  –   shell   – 4 CH   –   shell

Row E:   3 CH  –   shell   – 3 CH   –   shell

Row F:   4 CH  –   shell   – 2 CH   –   shell

Tips: You will notice on the last row (Row F) which is at the top,  that a group of 4 shells are getting closer together since the chain separating them is only 2, down from 3, and the chains that separate these 4 shells is getting a little bigger. Please check pics, you will see.



Today we are doing pretty much the same thing except that we are increasing by 2 chains to separate each group.


Row A:  6 CH – etc.

Row B:  8 CH – etc

Row C: 10 CH – etc

Row D: 10 CH – 3 headed shell – etc

Check the Photograph, it’s what we have done before. Practice makes perfect 🙂



Lace Tablecloth

Lace Tablecloth

Lace TableclothLace Tablecloth

Sorry about my erratic blogging this last month but I am trying to do something creative with the CDs and write some patterns for crochet artists who love thread crochet.

I bought more thread to work on doilies  and I am telling you from now, this year March is Doily Month here at DaniellaJoe.

March is a big month here because of our 4th birthday in the blogging world. I am still happily surprised that I am still around and so are several more bloggers/Artisans here at WordPress, let us keep this party going 🙂

DaniellaJoe is getting big isn’t she? 🙂 can you believe it?!! I can!

So, if you like thread crochet and tiny hooks you will like visiting with me in the month of March 🙂

Well, I am keeping this short and sweet and please don’t forget to put all of your good for nothing CDs and scrap yarns in a little corner we are going to put them to good use.

Have a fun and creative weekend…Enjoy!! it is a gift 🙂


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I hope you had a very nice weekend and you are back to crafting, there are WIPs to finish.

I was thinking this: I love thread crochet and tiny hooks and I want to make lots of doilies, so….why not share with you?? and I think that is exactly what I’m going to do.

If you want to see vintage crochet just open a doily book but the beauty of it all is that doilies never did go away and they are as beautiful today as they were hundreds of years ago.

 We have modern doilies made with lots of colors, we have those made with Bruges lace and all different shapes, take a stroll with me,,,





Doilies can be used as place mats or on your coffee table or for wall decor or on furniture etc you can put doilies any where you want an look elegant.


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So, what do you think?

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