How is everybody doing? did you finish all your homework? I sincerely hope so… 🙂

Today,  because we are just a few days away from completing the final Road Trip of 2014, I want us to look into the very versatile Single Crochet (SC) stitch which is one of the backbones of crochet.

The classic way of crocheting the SC is inserting the hook in the space between two SC, the side closest to you is the front, so you insert the hook pick up the thread in the back of your work and draw the thread through that same space, you will have 2 loops on the hook at this point you will yarn over the hook and draw the thread through the 2 loops on your hook, this completes your classic SC.

This stitch is so easy that when you master it, which takes only 2 minutes, you can do it with your eyes closed.

The are several variations: the FRONT LOOP single crochet and the BACK LOOP single crochet  seen in this video, and the waistcoat single crochet in this video I believe you can sit down one day and do that same stitch in a different way and you will end up with another variation.

Okay, so let us continue: now, I want you to learn how to change colors neatly, I am learning too, I must add.

Your old color, 2 loops must be on your hook and then you yarn over with your new color and pull through the 2 loops completing a nice looking change. At the end of the row you must insert your hook at the base of the first stitch and single crochet and continue. When you have the same color it is not noticeable, but when you are working with color changes it is a must.

So, I want you to use these stitches to cover another ball, hopefully at the end of your project you will be able to teach another person 🙂

This is all for today!!! Hope you have a very beautiful and creative day today, It Is A Gift!! 🙂

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