Hello and how is it going artisans? did you complete Row 1 – 3? it should lay flat, keep the stitches between the DCC tight.

Row 4: is easy just chain 3 and anchor in each DCC from Row 3, at the end you should have 20 what shall we call them? waves? if that is fine with you let us call them waves 🙂 at the end of the row you don’t close with a slip stitch you anchor in the middle of your first row.

Row 5: this is where you need to fasten your seat belt, this row is a little tricky. This is where we are introducing the Bruges lace tape, so chain 6, put your finger to mark the spot and then you chain 6 more for a total of 12 ch, then you make your first double crochet (DC)in chain 6 then 2 more DC, I hope you practiced the tape. So this tape is made of 3 DC and 6 chains, and you turn and chain 3 anchor and chain 3 more and make your 3 DC and then 6 ch and repeat.

If you get lost just check out the photograph… at the end of the row do not close…










This is the day before departure and I hope you have everything packed and ready to go. Keep practicing the stitches, especially the Bullion stitch, we want to cruise along at a nice enough speed.

In other news: I am happy to announce that my first box of old T-shirts arrived safely, thanks to Sandi, my cyberfriend from Facebook, Thank You Sandi!! 🙂

Now, I need to start making the Tarn, it is a big job but somebody has to do it. Very soon I will have the first update for my recycled rug, wish me luck…

Well, this is all for now Artisans, hope you have a very creative and fantastic day today, Enjoy Each Minute, it is a gift 🙂



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