I am happy to say we have completed another Road Trip. This time we learned the basics of Tapestry Crochet.

Tapestry Crochet is a technique that uses more than 1 color and it goes by several names, click here if you would like to know the history of Tapestry Crochet.

I decided that we needed a cute, chic and fashionable coin purse. If you have a designer purse now you can complete the look with a Designer Tapestry Coin Purse, that you won’t be embarrassed to take out in public…. 🙂

I like this project because you can “paint” anything with this form of crochet. It takes lots of concentration but the stitch that is used is the single crochet which you can master in like 2 minutes.

This type of crochet is ideal for purses, rugs, hats, etc, I have seen it used for winter sweaters, socks and gloves, especially in Nordic countries, it has been around a long time.

First thing I learned is that I need to check often that I am “carrying” the unused color, if not, I may find out that it was left behind, lots of stitches ago and then I need to unravel (which I hate) to go back and pick it up.

Second thing that I learned is that I need to keep separated the different colors of thread/yarn, preferably by a good distance, that way I don’t need to deal with lots of tangles.

So, yes, I like Tapestry Crochet and I want to keep practicing this technique, do you agree with me??

So here is my new Chic Coin Purse 🙂







I hope you are all caught up by now, because we are going to sew on the metal clasps today.

Your 2 crochet flaps should fit neatly in the metal clasps, then take your needle and sew into each hole. I had to do single strand thread because the needle could not go through the hole when I doubled the thread.

Sewing will seem easy but to me it was hard, I took so much time on this section it is not even funny 🙂 well it is in a way 🙂 but the holes were so small and it takes several tries….

So, I hope it went faster for you and check the photographs for any questions or leave any concerns in the comment section….thanks!!



How is it going? did you finish your 2 designs? I hope so.

Today, we are going to take out our metal clasp and adjust our pattern to fit neatly into the 2 sides of the clasp.


 First, let us finish with one row of single crochet in the same color used just before the designs started.

Then, start a second row in this same color but with a twist: press flat your purse to get the 2 sides, at this point you want to work with the 2 strands together: chain 2, skip 4 SC from the previous row and start the single crochet tapestry again, this will give you a loop that we are going to need when we sew on the metal clasp. Repeat the same steps at the other side.

Now, we are going to work with the double strand thread, please single crochet in each SC from the previous row, stop at the loop and turn your work and go back doing a second row of SC, but with a twist, we are going to start decreasing: so you will do 2 SC then skip one and repeat until you reach to the end of the row, turn your work and keep adjusting the amount of SC, so it fits neatly into the clasp. Please check photographs.

Tips: just remember we are adjusting our work to fit into the clasp, so you need to decrease so. When you finish with one side continue with the other. I do not like to cut my thread so I just slip stitch until I reach the bottom of that first side then slip stitch in the loop and continue the same process we did on the other side.


 You will have two flaps which we are going to sew into the metal clasp, but we will tackle that tomorrow.

Any questions, please let me know, see you tomorrow 🙂




How is everybody doing? did you finish all the 4 rows of the square motif? If not, do not worry, you still have time.

I started my second design on the last row of  my squares, that way I think it will give the purse a nice tapestry look.

Tapestry Crochet, takes a lot of concentration. This project is not a “relaxed crochet” project, but I think the satisfaction  will be greater 🙂 when completed.

So, this is all for now, take your time and catch up, we want our fun Road Trip to be heading home in the next few days.

Here is my work so far, I hope yours is more beautiful 🙂





I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend celebrating the Dads in our life and doing all the rows on our CAL.

Today, we are going to use our graph and we are going to decide if we want the squares around all of our coin purse or just 2 or 3 to practice on. As for me, I am going with all around, I haven’t counted how many SC I have, I know it should be 80 but strange things happens sometimes and we end up with 1 or 2 extra stitches 🙂

I hope you have practiced the switching of the colors already so, there isn’t much to explain, use your graph and you are going to do fine.

Here is my work: please forgive the horrible photographs, I really need a REAL camera 🙂


     Hope yours is more beautiful, so today let us finish all the squares so that tomorrow we can tackle the other design.

Remember to have a great Monday!!

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