We have returned home with our completed Crochet Gift Covers for bottles, Yay!!

It was a pleasure to have you come along, and have one more item checked off our Christmas List 🙂

These covers can be modified until you get the exact look you want, and you can even change-up the stitches and patterns, because with crochet: the sky is the limit.

Use up all of your stash and combine them to make one of a kind creations I am certain your friends and families will adore and cherish and not throw away the empty bottle…

Well, because this was a lot of fun I just might continue making more covers and giving you more inspiration to create your very own.

Well let us say goodbye for now but remember to check back often because the fun will continue with more Christmas projects.

Have a great weekend!! Enjoy Today, it is a gift!! hugs!!! 🙂






The last few rows are made of loops, which you can make by chaining 8 and anchoring. The anchor is a little different: single crochet – 1 chain – single crochet and repeat in each space between your 3 DC, go around until you reach the height you want.

Then chain 2 and make 2 DC for a total of 3 DC chain 4 and repeat, close row with a slip stitch, next make smaller loops for a frilly look: same pattern except these loops are smaller, chain 4 anchor with a slip stitch and repeat, fasten off and you have completed you lacy cover.




These stitches are all very basic that even the new crochet artist can do.   Beginners Welcome!! 🙂

Next we are going to make some crochet bling to give our gift covers a more festive and finished look, and it won’t hurt if they look expensive 🙂

Enjoy today, check the photographs and complete your project…..See You Soon..






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