I found this on Ivy Merlini Pinterest board, there is something about the pineapple that is vintage and chic all at the same time.Pinned ImageIt is timeless,

Pinned Image

It brings a warmth and elegance to any place you happen to put it, it is one of my absolute favorite patterns. And there is a thousand different ways to make the pineapple.

These are just a few of the beauties I found, none of them is mine, so please feel free to surf Pinterest 🙂 you will find the rightful owners.

Crochet Art - freebies - doilies!DOILY_Gorgeous Lace Irish Flower with PicotsSo Fine Lace Tablecloth

Soft crochet doilyGorgeous Blue Lace Doily!Crochet Art: Luxury Pillow - Crochet Lace

You get the idea, a needle and thread can create some of the most beautiful pieces of art.

Let’s bring back the elegant pineapple, what do you say??

I am sending you lots of good wishes to fill your day with joy… enjoy!!! See You Soon…


Pinterest find. Isn’t this like extreme crochet?

Absolutely gorgeous!!! and remember you are using your brains and arm muscle … which is an easy formula to stay young, Forever 21 🙂 !!!!


Erica Naylor's crocheted room.Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned Image

The possibilities are endless…

Jump on the Bandwagon and I will See You Soon…


I am having some issues again. I saw my plain lampshade and decided that it could look “Brand New” if it could get a new wardrobe.

I know I promised to stick to one project until completion but sometimes I need a little change-up, something new to recharge my creativity and I believe this could be it.01292013 005

This Lampshade need to conform to my 2013 artistic standard.   A custom-made wardrobe made with a crochet needle and thread could do the trick. 

I need to come up with an elegant, colorful and happy design can you help me decide? please 🙂

Changing subjects: I am still working on more Red White and Blue Kids Beanie.  Here’s one more for a total of two:

01292013 004

I have yet to decide their future…

Little Junior is  a preteen now,  at 22 inches across, he is getting to be a pain to photograph.

01292013 006So this is a little glimpse into my WIP’s,  there are others as you know…

This is all for now fellow artisans, See You Soon..




I am truly thankful today for  all of you, my  lovely cyberfriends, blogging wouldn’t mean a thing if you were not my friends, I love you guys!!!

Enjoy the day, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watch the games, the movies, eat all and enjoy all 🙂 Hugs!!!!!!!!!!



This is cute right? and it is not impossible to make, I found them online.

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. – Cecil B. DeMille

Well of I go to continue my lace…..

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