I am so happy to announce that I finally have my doily dyed in an autumn hue, thanks to Rit dye.

You will notice tiny areas are still a little lighter but all in all it did a good job.

I had to soak it and then let it dry two times, before it was 99% Covered… it could be the yarn that is resistant to dye.

Now I can concentrate on the doily that both Pumpkins are going to be sitting on.

I am adjusting the pattern so it may look a little different πŸ˜€

So, this is all for now, Happy Week and Happy Monday!!

See You Soon…

Last photograph thanks to Google 

TGIF 10/21/16

I love Fridays and I cannot lie πŸ˜€

I am so eager to spend the whole day with hook and yarn, two of my forever friends.

I am very close to the finish line with my lace covered pumpkin. Next comes the hard part: using kool-aid to dye the yarn, I’m hoping to get a nice autumn color and not a weird shade of green πŸ˜€

So, I hope it rains on the weekend, because I want to concentrate on my List, visiting with you, watching movies, NOT doing chores and posting….

What are your plans for this weekend?

We have few weekends left before it’s all over and then we rest.

Happy Weekend Artisans!!

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The fall season is upon us once more and that means an explosion of beautiful colors.

I don’t think we can improve on nature, so feast your eyes on the colors and check to see if you find your perfect yarn color.

So many projects so little time…..

If you like decorating your home for Autumn, then, this post is for you πŸ˜€

I am going to find a big ol’ Pumpkin and try to copy this creation.  I will post about it if I’m successful, stay tuned πŸ˜€

I will drop all my other WIPs to do this project, I think it looks “dreamy” and it won’t take forever. 

I have a feeling I could crochet a similar lace doily in less than a day….

This is all Folks!!! Happy Thursday!!

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Autumn is invigorating especially if your favorite colors are in the red spectrum. I have loved the color Red, since I was a tiny tot.

It is such a nice, happy, vibrant color, it is one of my top 3 Β all time favorite colors, so let us celebrate the “Colors of Fall”.


Image result for crochet for autumnΒ Image result for crochet for autumn

Image result for crochet for autumnΒ Image result for crochet for autumn

For us in the USA we have 2 holidays: 1-Thanksgiving which is all about food and family and friends and 2-Halloween which I choose not to celebrate but I do give out candies to the little ones that come to our door.

Autumn flavors like pumpkin spice and desserts like pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup is healthy and delicious.

Fall brings cooler weather too, so why not make a brand new beanie or hat or scarf? …. if you have the time….let’s not get carried away πŸ™‚ we have WIPs to finish…

Click on the larger photographs and it will take you to the page for the patterns.

This is all for today, stay on tract, stay Inspired and keep crossing off your list. See You Soon….

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Dear September, thanks for showing up on time and please bring us lots of Joy and Peace and Happiness and Yarn if you don’t mind πŸ™‚

Hello Everyone!! I was taking it easy on this blog for the summer and now it is time to rev the engines back up and start posting more often πŸ™‚

September can do that to me.  When  I am starting the last quarter of the year I know you I need to stay focused if  I want to have another stress Free Handmade Christmas, what about you?

I know there are lots of more organized bloggers out there, and I am seeing their finished Christmas projects and it inspires me.

But, today, let us just focus on welcoming September and I want to give a big:

S h o u t   O u t        S H O U T   O U T        S h o u t    O u t 

to the 1,002 Word Press Followers!! W O W!!!! I am truly humbled, Thank You Thank You!!!

I am a little behind on answering all the comments but I am working on it, Thank you for all your nice comments and inspiration, I truly appreciate each of YOU πŸ™‚

This beautiful image is Romanian Lace, please click on the image if you want more inspiration from another WordPress Crochet Artist, Susan Lombardo.

Keep on Learning new stitches, Have a Happy Tuesday and See You Soon ….lots of Hugs!! πŸ™‚

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