Good morning!!! How’s it going? I hope it’s going fantastic 😀

This weekend I worked on several projects and tried to decipher a very pretty lace vintage… I had no luck, the first round was no problem but the second round is hard…

This is the lace:

Plus I started a thread doily, I love thread crochet and I was missing it 😀

Plus,  I’m working on something for my bathroom counters….

I think I’m back into the full swing of creative crochet and I’m happy 😀

Happy Monday Artisans!!! Have s great week!!


Happy Monday Everyone!!!

My posting habits are going to get better soon, I promise.

I am getting my working space organized and trying out new stitches.

A lot of new stitches are just the basics stitches worked in a different way.

I am practicing my stitches making dishcloths so you will be seeing more dishcloths.

In other news: I want to start a big project soon, I’m missing the adrenaline rush 😀

All these where googled and I use them for inspiration!

Happy Monday!! Enjoy ever minute 😀


Happy New Year Everyone!! May this year bring us joy and creativity and money and more love and more sales 🙂

I hope you are back from your Christmas break too. I had a lovely time  in the hot and humid weather of the tropics, but I am glad I am back in the nice and cool weather of Paradise.

I enjoyed visiting with some of you lovely people and seeing all your great work, I want to pick up my hooks again and finish projects. Last year wasn’t too productive because of changes in my work schedule but I want to change that this year.

I have set goals for you 2017:  I want you to take me into new areas of Crochet, like selling and teaching kids how to crochet. I want you to keep me inspired when designing, I really need you inspiration.

I want to organize my Crochet Spot, it is a huge mess now but I am working on fixing this.

Every year I like to take a look back at what I accomplished, I need  to see if I really learned something new:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I learned new stitches like the Houndstooth Crochet Stitch, which is simple but classic img_7679 img_7680

I continued using “tall stitches” which makes any project grow faster and they are really fun to use.

When you get bored with the regular stitches please consider using the big and tall stitches. I used it here:

Lace Covered Pumpkin

Lace Covered Pumpkin

The large Pumpkin needed these stitches to give it a nice detail.

I won’t mention the projects I started and have not finished, it hurts too much 🙂

We had a few Road Trips aka Crochet Along but I wanted to have more, but time ran out…

Crochet is fun and can be fast or time-consuming. The more detailed the project the more time it will take. The thinner or finer the yarn/thread the longer it will take. The chunkier the yarn the faster the project will finish. I love Chunky Yarn 🙂

I think I need to learn to organize my time better and plan better. I am awful at planning, I am a “Spur of the Moment” type of person but it doesn’t work very well when you are dealing with Crochet.

And…It is my pleasure to WELCOME all my new subscribers!!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello 🙂

You can find me on several other Social Media and If you ever have any questions let me know, I will try my very best to answer each question.

This, is all for now Lovelies, Enjoy every moment!!




Have a very merry Christmas , may you be blessed with lots of laughter and lots of music and good times surrounded by family and friends.

Christmas is one of my favorite time of the year and I am wishing it is one of your special time too.

This year, I am blessed to be in the tropics for Christmas, it’s hot and humid but we have air conditioning for the most part.  We have to drink lots of water since we are sweating a lot but it’s all good 😊 

Thanks to my Secret Santa Alida for some fabulous yarn, handmade soap and wash cloth a crochet book with vintage patterns, a small cute bag, all the way from Canada…..A Big Hug going out to You Alida, thanks!!

This is all for now, Enjoy!! Hugs and Lots of Love!!


It’s officially winter!!! I love watching movies and pictures with snow 😀

I doubt we will be able to go on a last road trip aka Crochet Along, time is too limited but I  still want to have a late trip.

 Christmas last for a long time in my home, because I don’t like taking down all the decorations so soon.

 I put in all that hard work so I like to enjoy it and enjoy it… I’m not lazy 😀

Hot chocolate plus a new project plus an audiobook or Christmas movie equals BLISS for me. 

Eggnog is delicious too with a slice of cake…..so many possibilities…

Changing subjects: I need to post about my Secret Santa gifts 😀

So, let’s keep this post short and sweet… See You Soon.. 😀

All images are thanks to Google

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