My tarn rug a.k.a RR is finally completed, and I  think he looks good.

RR weigh in at 23 pounds but he feels more like 50 pounds because he is massive.

His width is 7’6″ x 7’6″ and was  made exclusively with tarn. I had lots  of old t-shirts and bed sheets and anything I could get my hands on.

In my opinion the best tarn is made of cotton and a little spandex this mixture gives the tarn a softer feel and it is nice to work with.

Tarn made of bed sheets is not as soft but because of the size you have less joining to do.

For the final rounds I wanted to use the same color, I believe that way it balances the whole rug.

I visited my Goodwill stores and found navy blue bed sheets and was very happy to hit that jackpot 🙂

Tips: if you have lots of yards of a single color keep that color for the last rounds, that way your rug will look more balanced. Next, consider a simple border to keep the stitches nicely compact. I used the slip stitch for 2 rounds and then the final round I used   ss – chain – ss.

So, I hope you like it and consider making one and ask your family and friends not to throw away old rags.




I promised you a look into my crochet dishcloth gift set, so here are some of them:


I do not like to block so I steam ironed each dishcloth. I squared some and rolled some and made some into a triangle. Ironing the dishcloths made them look very nice and it didn’t take forever 🙂

I used many techniques and stitches.  I know I have said this before, but here it goes again:  dishcloths are perfect for when you need to practice new stitches and techniques.

For the borders I like two or three rows of the slip stitch and a variation that I did when I got bored with all the SS: I did one SS then one chain then another SS, so the single chain  suspends between two SS.


Another border I liked to use is the “scallop like” stitch, where you chain 3 then do 2 double crochets then anchor then a single crochet and repeat.

So, try some of these  stitches and see if  you like them… Hugs!! 🙂 



Our Road Trip a.k.a Tool/Work In Progress Bag is officially over, and it was a little bumpy in some places but overall I hope it was enjoyable.

This bag is perfect for carrying around our projects when we are on the go,  it can be worn as a backpack or as front bag.

We learned 3 techniques/ stitches: Star/Marguerite Stitch, Trinity Stitch and the most challenging to me was the Catherine Wheel/Starburst stitch.

I learned a few things: the Catherine Wheel technique can be tweaked to your liking and you can make more changes to a completed project,  if you don’t “feel” the design. Remember it is over when you feel it is over/completed.

I had to change the button from top to bottom because I did not like how it looked at the top of the bag, when I sewed the button to the lower part of the bag, I “heard” a click …. it looked perfect now 🙂

Here is my bag:


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If you took the trip and made your own unique bag please ping back so we can all see it, if you chose to do so 🙂

Well, thanks again for coming along on this Road Trip and I hope you enjoyed it.


I am happy to say we have completed another Road Trip. This time we learned the basics of Tapestry Crochet.

Tapestry Crochet is a technique that uses more than 1 color and it goes by several names, click here if you would like to know the history of Tapestry Crochet.

I decided that we needed a cute, chic and fashionable coin purse. If you have a designer purse now you can complete the look with a Designer Tapestry Coin Purse, that you won’t be embarrassed to take out in public…. 🙂

I like this project because you can “paint” anything with this form of crochet. It takes lots of concentration but the stitch that is used is the single crochet which you can master in like 2 minutes.

This type of crochet is ideal for purses, rugs, hats, etc, I have seen it used for winter sweaters, socks and gloves, especially in Nordic countries, it has been around a long time.

First thing I learned is that I need to check often that I am “carrying” the unused color, if not, I may find out that it was left behind, lots of stitches ago and then I need to unravel (which I hate) to go back and pick it up.

Second thing that I learned is that I need to keep separated the different colors of thread/yarn, preferably by a good distance, that way I don’t need to deal with lots of tangles.

So, yes, I like Tapestry Crochet and I want to keep practicing this technique, do you agree with me??

So here is my new Chic Coin Purse 🙂







I have made my first beanie for a serviceman and I hope he likes it. 

I made it with Image result for image of wool-ease which is made of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, it is machine washable and dryable.

I used this pattern and the beanie came out super thick and warm, I  promise you, it will keep you warm even in Alaska in the winter 🙂

Artisans if you want a nice thick cloth for any project please consider using the front post double crochet stitch, I think it is perfect for winter beanies.

I used a little over the one 6 oz or 106 yards, Thick & Quick yarn, I am guessing I will only need one if I am making a similar beanie for a female service member.

So, yes,  I finally Did It!! and I may make more 🙂

Here it is and I used my little handmade tags that I bought blank and I wrote some instructions on what it is made of and how it can be washed and dried.


Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday !!! 


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