Hello Lovelies!!! Good morning!!! I hope your weekend was restful and productive as mine was.

These days I have to budget my time wisely, since I’m on the “picking up speed” stage of the Christmas Rush.

 I love visiting with you too, seeing  what you are doing, how much work you have completed, what brings you inspiration, what your day was like….I get totally  immersed in your world and time passes so fast when I am having fun πŸ˜€

As for me, I worked exclusively on my crochet baby cocoon. I really thought I could have this project completed this weekend……  but No!!…. There’s at least 4 more inches to go. 

I want the cocoon to  measure 20″ inches long and to keep the width  between 9 and 10 inches, to give the baby room to wiggle.

The reason it is taking this long you may ask: because I want a lot of texture: puffs and clusters and lots of stitches makes it very intricate work and time consuming, take a peak:

There’s thousands of stitches already…slow going peeps πŸ˜€

Tomorrow, I am going to update you on another project, and each day of this week, since I have more than a lot….

Tell me Artisan: what you are doing? Are you happy with your progress?

Happy Monday!! Enjoy a full week!


  1. The baby cocoon looks beautiful. I wish I had had a cocoon when my children were babies. I am sure it would have helped them sleep better.

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  2. I posted two projects of mine that are going nowhere if you have any ideas

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  3. I like all the detail. I have certain projects I like when I’m focused and able to concentrate, then others that are just a mindless task to keep me busy during down time.

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  4. I ran out of glowworm for my son’s Minecraft Creeper throw, so have been working on a large floppy brim hat in light blue. I got bored with that last night so picked up the wavy stitch baby blanket again. I need to get the other two sides of the fleece backer for my grandson’s Jack O’ lantern pinned for sewing. I need to have it ready by October 17th for his first birthday. That’s what has been keeping me busy in crochet.

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