Sundays are always best when you are relaxing in your favorite chair and watching non stop movies or reading a good book or out in nature or doing anything that brings you joy.

Sunday is a Fun Day!!! sounds a little cheesy but it works for me 🙂

Today, is the day before Memorial Day and it is okay if you want to wear white: crochet tops, crochet collars, crochet dresses, skirts or anything white.

These are on Pinterest:

I found all these on Pinterest and I like them all, and you?

Summer is around the corner too so there’s lots more opportunities to wear all white or some white. 

And here is undyed silk white yarn for your projects:

You can find these on Etsy but there are lots more, just google it.

If you add a white collar to a favorite blouse it will trick your mind into thinking that you have a new blouse 🙂

And what about this top?

Happy Sunday Artisans!!



  1. NASCAR race, now, earlier Indy 500!!!🏎


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