Good Afternoon Artisans!! How is it going? I hope your response is:  GREAT!!!

I hope you had a very creative weekend and you have finished several WIPs, as for me I worked on several projects and I am almost finished with one.

To start: remember how I told you yarn tangles was using up too much of my time? well, I made my very own DIY Yarn Holder, it may not be cute but it works like a dream.

I have a large one for my bulky yarn and a smaller one for my regular yarn. It is easy to make and that was one project that went very fast 🙂

I am almost finished with the Overlay Crochet Doily turned into a pillow case. I need for you to adapt your doily to whatever you want it to be.

I needed a pillow case so that is what mine turned out to be, you can leave yours as a doily or place mat or whatever you need it to be 🙂

Well, this is a short post because I am working on the yarn bomb too, every second counts…..wish me luck…..

Have a Fantastic Week Everyone….Blessings…




  1. omg that’s a great idea, thanks!


  2. I would think those holes in plastic jars would snag your yarn?

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  3. I remember when I saw yarn holders in the craft store. My first thought was that it was a great idea. My second thought was that it was just a plastic jar with a hole on top. My third thought was that I could make my own! 🙂

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  4. More upcycling – clever!

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  5. Great ideas for the yarn holders!

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