TGIF 5/20/16

Yarn bombing is in the air Artisans!!

Have you ever wondered if these Artists sleep or eat or move? sometimes I do.

I cannot imagine the work that goes into one of these bombings. I know many times it is a group effort but not all the time and then I wonder….

You know who this next Artist is right?

I know she has a team now and she is famous now……..but I still wonder about her…

And there are others who are absolutely stunning and prolific too:

Don’t get overwhelmed Artisans, these are only for inspiration and eye candy and to keep our levels of creativity up….

And please, pretty please, don’t forget to:

Have A Fantastic Weekend One And All!!!

P.S one last one, this is so addictive I can’t stop πŸ™‚

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  1. Absolutely incredible – thanks for sharing!

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  2. Fantastic!

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  3. Wow!

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  4. Wow, those yarn bombing photos are amazing! It boggles my mind!

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