I worked on two projects over the weekend: my MTB and the Overlay Doily, I will give you a peek in a minute..

I have to buy more gray yarn so you will see the whole blanket at the end of the week, I think I like it how it is looking.

My overlay is looking nice and I need to write the instructions, so stay tuned.

Let us keep this post short and sweet…again…

Happy Monday, Happy Week, See You Soon..


  1. Both beautiful! ❤

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  2. That blanket in the background is lookin’ good.

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  3. I hate running out of yarn- I swear it’s the most iterating feeling, but I usually run out because I’m to cheap to buy it all at once

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    • lol, I try to buy on sale or using coupons, because this project is a big one, but yes!!! no need to buy all at once if and a big if you are flexible with the colors… 🙂


  4. That looks gorgeous!

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