Why is it that some hooks like to snag your yarn, over and over and over, that you get worn out with the fight after a few rows?

Why is it that some hooks are a joy to work with? they  obey your every move, they glide and work without complaining after every move?

Why is it that thread crochet is relaxing to work with? yes, the project takes longer to complete but you can have a smile on your face the whole time,  as long as the project don’t go on and on…

Why is it that as you are about to finish a row with a specific color ….you run out of  yarn?

Why is that you remember having a specific color of yarn and you remember exactly where it is resting but when you need to find it for a project you cannot for the life of you remember where  you put it?

And the list goes on and on….but I will stop here…

These pet peeves plagues me all the time, but I try to smile and survive the ordeal.  I won’t even mention when the hook gets “lost” on the sofa, and I have to spend hours looking for it…that one is really, really bad…. when I finally find that hook,  well… let me leave this sentence right here….

I feel better now 🙂

Happy Tuesday Artisans!!! Enjoy stress free work…


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  1. Haha so true had many hooks swallowed up by the sofa x your owls are beautiful very neat x

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  2. Murphy’s law at work 😀. My biggest set back is that I just don’t know what to make. Uninspired I guess, and I can’t follow direction 😐

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  3. All great “why’s” and I don’t have the answer to any of them, LOL. I have experienced most of them. LOVE the cute owls.

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  4. I have some of these problems but I know a tip to not run out of yarn when doing rows. My mum taught me it for knitting but it can work for crochet if the rows are the same. When you know the yarn is getting near the end and you think you have enough left for two or three rows, you find the mid point of the remaining yarn and tie a loose knot in the doubled over yarn. If you reach the knot before the end of the row you know there is not enough for another row. If you don’t you repeat the procedure.

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  5. Ha ha you comment about getting lost in the sofa made me laugh. Happens to me all the time. 🙂

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  6. So true. I have had hooks that just are not smooth. In the end they land in the rubbish. I can not be patient with them. I do find my older hooks are still the best, or if new, the very expensive ones. I will confess, some of my “older” hooks I bought about 30 years ago, and I still love them. They are not as pretty and grand as new lovely new ones, but smooth and fast as ever. 🙂
    I adore the owlie picture, so cute. Thanks for making me smile, owlies alwasy does it!

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  7. Hahaha some of these questions can be considered great mysteries of life…

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