Happy Monday One and All!! this is the last Monday in March and yes,  it blows my mind how time flies….I say that A Lot 🙂 but it is true.

Crochet Month 2016 is almost over and we are hoping all Artisans are having a fun and creative month so far 🙂 

My lovely fellow blogger Susie asked me if I charge for my patterns and the answer is NO!! all my Road Trips a.k.a Crochet Along are free, but, If you link back to me I will be very happy.

The main purpose of this blog is to learn and teach crochet. I expect that over time the goal and purposes of my blog will evolve, but for now, this is my main purpose.

You should know that I learn as I teach, because Practice makes Perfect. Some areas of crochet is very easy for me because I have used them a lot, other areas like Overlay Crochet is not.

I am learning right along with you. Comments are always welcome, Tips are always welcome too 🙂 let us all learn and perfect our skills to keep Crochet alive for the newer generations…

Let me just give you an example that I am learning right along with you: I had 3 rows done and photographed when I decided that : 

                “this doesn’t look like Overlay”

so I frogged  (unraveled)  3 whole rows, it hurt like a lot! but hey that is the price I pay to learn 🙂 so see? I am learning this form of crochet too…

Changing subjects: I always have a Birthday Month Giveaway just to say  T H A N K   Y O U!!! for each one of you that keep me going and this year is no different.

 Image result for thank you quotes

This Giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. It is a JoAnn  gift card in the amount of $30.00 to use for supplies for your Tool Box.


I am going to use Thursday, March 31st as the day for the giveaway, so check back daily but especially on that day 🙂

Another thing: I am open for orders if you are not a Crochet artist and you really want something done, I won’t say No! I will definitely fill your order.

My email is this is in response to a lovely blogger’s question.

So, this is all for Today, Enjoy, It is A Gift!






  1. And you brighten up our world too! Thank tou for your beautiful and instructive blog. ❤


  2. Thank you for all you share with us. Happy crochet month, and happy birthday!


  3. If you are looking for some overlay crochet practice, I just started the Mandala madness CAL from the very talented Helen and you can find detailed videos made by Esther here it’s been super fun so far, I had never done overlay before but I think it’s pretty good for beginners 🙂 if you join in I’d love to see pics!

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  4. Grandmother from Poland was always crocheting; I never learned!


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