I am working on a pattern for our overlay crochet doily and it is slow going, which is not good, seeing March is almost over, goodness.

I know the stitches we are going to use, I know we are using yarn instead of thread but I am having a little problem coming up with the pattern, I hope my “artisan block” will lift soon šŸ™‚

I need to immerse myself in overlay crochet…..so come along for the ride šŸ™‚


Happy Wednesday Artisans!!


Google images


  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful – I am sure you can make a fortune selling these!

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  2. That’s beautiful though!

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  3. They are lovely!

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  4. Good luck! Those patterns are really lovely. šŸ‘

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  5. Those are really pretty, I have some really good super thin yarn that would work like that. I only been working easy projects b/c I’ve been to tense to think and concentrate.

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