Let us change-up a little since you have mastered the first several rows, we are using the same stitches but we want more shells 🙂

This row we want you to have a 3-headed shell, don’t laugh, so you proceed exactly as before but adding one more shell to the pair, so:  

Row A: 8 CH – shell – 2 CH – shell – 2 CH – shell – 8 CH.

Next row, we want to have two pairs of 2-headed shells so you will notice that the chains that separate each group is 2 chains shorter, so:

Row B: 6 CH – shell – 2 CH – Shell – 2 CH – shell – 2 CH – shell – 6 CH.

Please look at photographs, you will understand what I am saying 🙂

 This row is the same but we want to  decrease the chains that separate each group, you need to do this so that your doily lays flat instead of  looking “frilly” so:

Row C: 4 CH – shell – 3 CH – shell – 4 CH.

You will notice we have lots more shells and less space between each group.

This row is the same but now we have an equal amount of chains separating each group of shells, so:

Row D: 4 CH – shell – 4 CH – shell – 4 CH….


Let us stop here, I know your head is spinning but the photograph will let you feel better 🙂


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