Hello One and all!!!  I hope you had a nice, restful and relaxing weekend. 

As for me, I worked on my doilies almost nonstop,  I did not finish my CD wall art, but I am getting there… 

This is how it looks today, I don’t like how the red one looks and there is another one that looks weird too, can you guess which one it is?

And now for the best part: To start off the Doily Month I designed the first doily.  I wanted it to be simple and pretty, perfect for the new crochet addicts  among us, since it uses only basic stitches πŸ™‚


I will post the pattern in a separate post to keep things organized and in order.

My Plans for this week: finish the wall art, finish the first doily and start on the next one, what are yours? 

This is all for this post, I hope you have a great week, please enjoy it, Happy Monday!!!

Image result for monday quotes Image result for monday quotes

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  1. Gorgeous!

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  2. Such beautiful doilies! Love them all.

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