Every free minute I get, I pick up my hook and work on my Recycled CDs, so hopefully I can finish the whole project by this weekend.

Bessie asked me how I cover the CD, so here is the answer: you make a small doily the size of the Cd,  next  you decrease on the last row so it fit like this:


My plans for March changes daily but I know I am having a giveaway to say Thank You for visiting with me, stay tuned…

I want to have short road trips to make doilies. I want to start with a very simple basic one (ideal for the beginners among us) and then do more “complicated” work, this only means that the work is more intensive NOT that it is harder, don’t get scared 🙂

For you who are a little afraid of the small hooks and thread don’t worry, a crafter suggested that she uses double strand and a bigger hook or you can buy a thicker thread size like #3 and #5 

Image result for crochet thread size 3  

Your work will be a little bigger if you use these sizes. but still pretty. I am using mostly #10,  but I may do a double strand project if we get to do coasters, I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

Image result for crochet thread size 3

Have a Fantastic Day Artisans!!


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  1. purplepicotcrochet says:

    That’s such a cool idea to crochet around CDs!

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  2. I have kept lots of writable CDs that had mistakes. Sounds like a good way to use them. Look forward to seeing the finished ones.

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  3. Love this CD idea! I’ve just started with thread crochet. I started with #3 Thread and just bought some #5…working my way toward that #10!


  4. I look forward to the doilies. I like doing them in larger size threads. i think they highlight the threads beautifully.

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