I need to start on something new, too much of MTB is sapping my creative juices.

I did not have to buy new yarn I just went into my stash and discovered that I had not touched some threads I won last year from Red Heart. These threads have gorgeous neon colors, perfect for a bright happy project.

When, I finish that project I am going to start on my Faux SD Scarf, I cannot wait anymore 🙂

Monday morning updates will be exciting, I’m wired….

What are you working on today?

Take a peek at my threads and yarns and my tiny hooks, can you guess which two projects I will be working on?

 Hints: you already  know the name of the project for the yarns at the top left. The  threads from the bottom right is for a project that is useful and practical for a lot of Artisans, so, what am I making with the cute  threads?

Have a fun and happy Saturday Artisans!!



  1. Looks perfect for beaded wine glass covers to me – essential in my mind! I’m working on No.1 Son’s beanie hat today.


  2. I am finishing my husband’s basket weaving effect scarf. Nearly there!


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