I am working on another blanket and it is more than halfway finished. This blanket is made of 100% acrylic yarn and most of the yarn  was on sale.

Acrylic yarn is evolving and now you have the option to choose the softer version of acrylic instead of the rough scratchy variety that gives a very bad name to 100% acrylic.

But, let us say you find a very good bargain sale  of the same color you need but this yarn is the “rough acrylic” you and I hate? what are you supposed to do? buy it Of Course!!! πŸ™‚

Thank heavens you can soften bad acrylic. They are  lots of articles online and you can choose which one to try, as for me I am going to try this one first, click here , hopefully it will get my blanket soft and fluffy and warm.

Take a peek at MTB and see how he’s growing nicely:


The stitches are basic and I make certain that I put each stitch where it is to go but I still found that the blanket was decreasing in width, don’t ask me how it happened because I Do Not Know! so I had to add stitches.

Okay, lovelies, this is all for now, Have a nice Thursday!!





  1. Beautiful blue colour and a lovely blanket.

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    Great advice!
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  3. I’ve nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award

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  4. Nice knitting! Welcome to my blog to see some life size crocheted flowers which my may not seen before!

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  5. Just love those colours! Interested to hear how the softening works out.

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  6. Sounds worth a try!

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