I want a scarf,  but ….and this is a very  big  BUT…it has to be nice, I want to look like a “million bucs” well, You and Me both.

So, remember how yesterday we talked about the color wheel and how to combine colors for a pleasant result? well today I want to illustrate it.

There is a fiber artist that I have posted on before but I need to bring her back.  I believe she combines colors  in a very effective way, but,  let us concentrate only on the colors for this post (the yarns she uses is another topic for another time).

Sophie Digard Creations is very inspiring and over the top and her scarves are  “high-end” because they are not cheap, and   let us be honest they cannot be cheap …. let’s  take a look:



Each one is a piece of art. She has her yarns custom dyed to her specifications so they are very unique.

While I do not dye yarn,  I want the ability to combine colors to give an illusion of a “Sophie Digard” scarf or purse.

Image result for sophie digard crochet patterns 

 Image result for sophie digard bags


and the stitches look like the basic stitches, so is there anything that is holding us back? I know Sophie won’t mind if we use her as inspiration 🙂

Stay inspired… See You Soon… Happy Weekend..

images thanks to Google


  1. These are totally beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist:)

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  2. Oooh that scarf made up of squares is just a delight! I may be about to begin yet another WIP…. No first I have to actually finish something!! 😉

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  3. I almost cry … well, more like sigh, every time I see a Sophie scarf. I’ve actually touched a few too (woo hoo!). There are a few stockists in Cork so I skulk in and out when I need a fix! I started two tiny flowers last week…but I don’t know if I will have the staying power to do an entire scarf. Looking forward to see what you have in mind…

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  4. Kit Dunsmore says:

    Beautiful color sense and interesting choice for construction. As mostly a knitter, I don’t think of making scarves in units like this.

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  5. Such lovely work!

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  6. The colours are more muted than the bright acrylic yarns I use but you could make a scarf like the third one down out of scraps!

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