I need to go over my post AFTER I click publish. Sometimes I am rushing and I hit click and expect the best, but I need to change somethings.

I need to: 1- Always read the post after I click Publish and verify that everything is working, especially links. 2- Re-read the post and see if there are grammatical errors spellcheck did not pick up or fix the sentence if it doesn’t sound right. 3- Verify that the photographs are showing up and 4- Give credit were credit is due.

All of these need to be followed at all times (notes to self) well I say all of this to tell you that ALL the links are working now on my Thank You post, click here πŸ™‚

Rushing is NOT  healthy, it stresses you out and you end up fixing the same thing two and three times which is annoying in itself, so I need to remember to slow down sometimes.

I will be posting on my massive recycled rug very soon, I am going to answer the questions you have asked about him and if you have anymore questions let me know…




  1. Wow, that looks amazing and some great blogging tips there πŸ™‚


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