I promised you a look into my crochet dishcloth gift set, so here are some of them:


I do not like to block so I steam ironed each dishcloth. I squared some and rolled some and made some into a triangle. Ironing the dishcloths made them look very nice and it didn’t take forever 🙂

I used many techniques and stitches.  I know I have said this before, but here it goes again:  dishcloths are perfect for when you need to practice new stitches and techniques.

For the borders I like two or three rows of the slip stitch and a variation that I did when I got bored with all the SS: I did one SS then one chain then another SS, so the single chain  suspends between two SS.


Another border I liked to use is the “scallop like” stitch, where you chain 3 then do 2 double crochets then anchor then a single crochet and repeat.

So, try some of these  stitches and see if  you like them… Hugs!! 🙂 



  1. Your dishcloths look great, Patricia! And you’re right, they are the perfect project for practicing new stitches! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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  2. So pretty!! I love making dishcloths…they make the greatest gifts!


  3. They look great, I have the yarn for dishcloths and have another started but I must admit I do find them rather boring! x


  4. I do the same thing with new stitches. It’s fun having a dishcloth in the crocodile stitch or something else unusual. These are a great idea for gifts.


  5. Caissa McClinton @artlikebread says:

    Those look great and whoever gets them will love them! Steam blocking your stuff was a great idea!!


  6. Do you really use homemade dish cloths? I always think of making them but then I remember the dish cloths my great-aunt made for me that I’ve stuffed in a drawer because I don’t want to ruin her hard work by scrubbing my dirty crock pot with them. 😦


  7. Beautiful dish cloths. They will make great gifts!


  8. They all look great and I love your gift tags too 😊


  9. What a lovely collection and crochet dishcloths wear so well. Great gifts!


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