Today, we are going to do a Crochet 101 class.

I like using stitches that are not your usual every day stitches, take for instance the  DTR (Double triple/treble stitch) or the even taller quadruple triple like this one .

I found that on You Tube they mix the names up, so use this guide for  the correct names:

Image result for crochet double treble

These tall stitches can be used for a lot of really nice projects. I used the double treble for my cup cozy:


They are just multiple of the regular stitches but they give a nice visual effect and height to your work. 

  Image result for crochet double treble

For my cup cozy, I used two rows of DTR separated by the half double crochet and I finished with the slip stitch all around.

Your work grows faster too, so when you don’t have lots of  time just bring out the tall and big stitches πŸ™‚

So this is all for our crochet 101 class and I hope you are having a very beautiful and relaxed day….See You Soon…

Google images except my cup cozy πŸ™‚







  1. I like the cup cosy. The stitches work really well together.

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