TGIF 11/09/15

Thank God It Is Friday, and we get to see another one, Amen 🙂

Are You on track? how many Handmade gifts did you cross out this week? I am keeping my fingers crossed for ALL of us.

Let us talk today about when your project “speaks to you”, I haven’t lost my 2 marbles, I am still sane, but they are some projects that just let you know that they are not finished/completed yet.

I was working on this gift for a very long time, so I was eager to cross it off, but it “didn’t feel right” so I had to work more on it. After like 30 minutes of fine tuning the finishing touches, I finally got the “Green Light” 🙂 to proceed with the gift wrapping…

I exhaled….. because I couldn’t see myself losing more time on only one gift.  I hope the sweet little girl will love her purse and she will cherish and keep it until she’s grown up 🙂

Next, we need to talk about this: After you are finally done with your gift, please do not just wrap it    “any how”    that will be a big disservice to all of your hard work, take time to add maybe tags or ribbons, etc, anything to keep your gift over the top and “not cheap looking” …next week I want to tackle this,  so stay tuned and leave your tips, this is a joint project 🙂

So, this is all for now… I will post day 5 of our almost over Road Trip a.k.a T/W Bag Cal later on….

Have A Very Happy Friday and an even Happier and Productive weekend…. Keep up the speed…..


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  1. Hello! I’m hosting a Holiday craft link party every Sunday & Monday until February 7th 2016, and would love for you to upload several of your projects on my blog.

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