Today we want to continue the body of the bag. The trinity stitch has a front and a back, choose the side you like the most and continue on this side.

After the trinity stitch we want to do several rows of single crochet (SC) I did 8 rows and I changed color again, I am using black as my base color.

After you have done your SC rows you want to switch to the star stitch, you can switch color too. I continued using black because I don’t like too many knots, this way I use up all my black yarn with very few knots.

I want my bag to be long and slim, so I did several rows of the star stitch then I switch back to single crochet. The bag is near the height I want it but I have used up all of my black yarn so I am going to continue with a new color doing the SC until I reach the height that I want.

I am stopping here, I will show you my design and I hope you are following along with your own color scheme.



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