Good Morning Everyone!! Hope you had a very healthy breakfast and a good cup of coffee already 🙂

And I am hoping you had a very productive weekend and The List is getting shorter by the hour, let us stay focused for a stress free December.

Changing subjects: I found some cute buttons, the ones that comes extra on blouses for replacement, and I think it will look good on the T/W Bag:

 I went to my local JoAnn’s store and found some clearance yarn for 97 cents and was super excited to find some bulky yarn in there, got disappointed when the cashier said No!, this is not clearance, someone put it in there by mistake, Isn’t that cruel? goodness, I think it is 🙂

Here is my yarn, the stripped yarns was the cheap ones:


I also mailed off my #MandalsforMarinke  mandalas:  one made with left over yarn the other with 100% recycled t-shirt yarn, I hope we bring healing and inspiration to depression sufferers.

Next, I completed the second beanie for Operation Gratitude and mailed it.  I hope the troops  get it before winter sets in.


And I learned the Even Moss crochet stitch, it is pretty simple but makes very nice dishcloth and it can be used for other projects.

This is all for today Monday, Wishing you a great and safe week, free of worries….Stay Safe! Enjoy Today, It Is A Gift!! 🙂



  1. High five for getting the mandala finished and more crafting for a good cause in the way of a hat too!

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  2. What a let down at the till, I had that yesterday with some fabric someone had put on the wrong shelf 😦 I love the hat. x

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  3. Great hat! I’m going to add items for Operation Gratitude to my to-do list.

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  4. And so ….. there is another stitch to try ….. 😉

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  5. You seem to be getting a lot of projects finished. 🙂 Jealous I am! 🙂

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