Today we want to give you the stitches/techniques we want to learn before we go on our Road Trip a.k.a  T/W Bag CAL.

We want to learn these crochet stitches/techniques: please click on the link for the visual tutorial.

1- Catherine Wheel or Starburst stitch here

Image result for starburst stitch crochet patterns 

  2- Star stitch or Marguerite stitch here

Image result for star stitch crochet patterns Image result for star stitch crochet cowl

  3- Trinity stitch here

  Image result for trinity crochet stitch

A lot of  crochet stitches go by two or more names, so keep that in mind when you look for the tutorial on You Tube.

I learned the star stitch some time ago and I think it is a very pretty stitch, and it is not as complicated as it looks.

Now, I want to learn to crochet the other 2 stitches, so we are all in this together 🙂

We are using basic crochet stitches too, so brush up on all the basics.

I hope you have most of the yarn by now, if not keep looking in the clearance bins 🙂

Well, this is all for today Wednesday, hoping you have a very beautiful and creative day today!

thank you Google for all images



  1. Bully for you! My focus is true vintage, of course, and so many treasures from back in the day were beautiful examples of the needlework that you are into. Thank you for keeping this skill going – nothing that’s commercially-made can compare!

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  2. The Trinity stitch looks beautiful! Think I may be learning it as well!

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  3. Just found my next stitch to try! Trinity!

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  4. Love the “Trinity” stitch!!!!!!!

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  6. I love that trinity stitch! I need to try that for the next scarf I make.

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