It is already Tuesday morning wow!  I took the day off yesterday from posting, not because I was being lazy, but I wanted to  finish another dishcloth.

This dishcloth was done with  the  FPDC  (front post double crochet) stitch. I like this stitch because it makes a nice rugged dishcloth.

For the border I used the SL (slip stitch). Always  finish your dishcloth with a border, this gives your dishcloth a nice finished look and it makes the dishcloth stronger.


 This project is fast and easy.  Your hands will thank you and you can make several without feeling stressed out, which is always welcome 🙂

I am putting the finishing touches on the 2 mandalas for the project in honor of Marinke. Remember the deadline is fast approaching.

I am making one more beanie for the Armed Forces and will give you a peek when finished.

My RR is still unfinished but I am on it. The only thing left is the finishing round, which I like to make a little different so as to give it a finished looked. Hopefully I will post the “Finished Post” for big RR next Monday 🙂

So, what are you doing? did you get several items checked off over the weekend? Let us keep up the momentum, this year is almost over…

So, keep the speed up and stay inspired. Enjoy Today It truly Is A Gift!




  1. Sounds like you are ticking a lot off the ‘to do’ list this week – I need to do the same. Child free afternoon tomorrow, so I’m on a mission! X

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  2. I sent my mandala very soon after Marinke’s passing as I didn’t want to forget about doing it! Several gifts got ticked off the ‘to make’ list at the weekend so I’m quietly pleased with progress:)

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  3. FPDC is my favorite pattern for a dishcloth. I love the ridges.

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  4. Great dishcloth

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  5. It looks great already! 🙂

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  6. I’m doing a project right now you fpdc. It’s a hat and it makes a nice pattern.

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  7. I too love the fpdc, it looks great in a dish cloth. I shall look forward to the big reveal 🙂 x

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