Good Morning!! Can you believe we are already in the middle of September? I can!!

Rev up your engines and get the job done: cross off items on  your Handmade Christmas List, you will be glad you started early when you can take it easy and relax in December, I am trying to do just that.

To start: I added several rows on MTB  and I loosened  my tension A LOT, my tension was just too tight. I did two rows with a larger hook and that gave it a nice airy look but I returned to my first hook and just loosened my grip. Here is a peek: the colors are navy blue, gray and a shade of green, so the photograph is not showing the real colors.


  I am going to use the larger hook on several rows to form a pattern. Meaning after several rows with the smaller hook I will use two rows with the larger hook, I am hoping it will create a nice visual effect to the blanket.

Pet Peeves: 1- I really get annoyed when yarn gets tangled up and it takes me hours of precious weekend time to untangle it and continue my work.

And I can say that 99% of the time it is because of  No Fault of mine, which makes it even more Irritating. Take for instance when you have a four-legged pet who just likes to play with your fiber pet when your back is turned…not good.

2- When you have made up the time and you are happy everything is going good and you come to the end of the skein and it is a tangled mess,  and you shout:  “What In The Name of all that is good” is this?  P.S. I try to keep my language suitable  for all audiences 🙂

Well, I have taken that off my chest so I feel lighter, now I want to show you the different types of yarn packaging, I had to learn too since I am not very literate in crochet terms.

Fresh Stitches explains it so well that I have no need to go over it with you, click on the link it will take you there.

Yarn packaged in Hanks   looks like this but you cannot crochet or knit directly from this, she will explain why.

Next, we have the Skein    which is my favorite because it is ready for use.

Next, comes the Ball  and then

the Cake  

the Donut 

the Cone 

and the No name Mystery  

I have learned a lot so now I can speak Crochet more eloquently 🙂

This is all for today Monday, Hope You Have A Great and Fantastically Creative Week!! Enjoy!!





  1. hahaha you explained my life of crochet in two parts – knots/tangles (or a join in the yarn in the form of a knot) and tension!!! I crochet super tightly also which is frustrating – but I struggle mentally to let it get looser!

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  2. Tangles are evil. I prefer the skein too because winding yarn into a ball also takes away from the precious crafting time.

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  3. Oooh, tangles are the bane of any yarn workers life!! I now have a yarn winder which is amazing for those hanks but to be honest I am knitting from a hank at the minute, I just have to lay it out in a circle to work from!! x

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  4. I hate tangles too or knots! I’ve come across knots in m some very expensive yarn….makes me not happy!!

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  5. Oh tangled yarn can make me crazy, but I cannot put it down because getting it straight is like a dare, I cannot pass it by. Your project looks very pretty.

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  6. I am a big fan of Stacey Trock and her Fresh Stitches creations. I’ve got her Amigurumi book
    ‘Crocheted Softies’ and have made a few of per adorable creatures, which gave me the confidence to create my own patterns, ie mermaid and octopus (I love sea creatures). Her blog is also very good and I remember reading about the different kinds of skeins a while ago. 🙂

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    • Yes, she is very creative. I have a big problem with amigurumi, my few efforts gave me a headache and they are still unfinished, lol. I would love to see your mermaid and octopus 🙂


  7. I mostly work with skeins. When I finish a project with plenty of yarn left in the skein but it has gotten floppy and flat I roll it into a ball for the next use.

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