I want to start out by saying that most men love crochet blankets.

Crochet Blankets made for men need to look manly,  and be sturdy and rugged and warm.

I believe the darker and deep colors are perfect for a man. Let us take a look at some I found using google:

I like the way this blanket looks:  it uses a dark-colored yarn and highlight it with lighter colored yarns.

The stitch used is very basic too for a sturdy and warm blanket.

The yarn should be a little heavier too, this way it will “Look” the part too.  You can do double strand or triple strand for a nice look heavy blanket.



Extra Large Chunky Afghan Blanket Easy Crochet PATTERN (50" x 72") - PDF 5072

If you click on the photographs it will take you to the pattern. 

I like the stitch used for the last blanket.  Any one knows if it is a single crochet done differently? what is the name of the stitch please? 🙂

And if he likes more colors to lift his spirit I suggested a granny square blanket like this one, or a sport blanket:


So, these are all ideas for your Handmade Christmas List, if you start now you could have a blanket ready before Christmas, or maybe two if you crochet fast 🙂

So, this is all for today Thursday, Have a Beautiful Day Today!! It Is A Gift!!





  1. I love those! That is a good project to do for Christmas when I get the yarn. Thanks!

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  2. I agree with your statement that ‘most men love crochet blankets’, but I don’t agree about the colour choice of greys and blacks. Both my husband and son have commissioned blankets from me in very bright colours. I have made 3 for my husband using Amish squares for a single blanket, hexagons for our double bed and granny squares for the sofa on our motorhome. As for my son, he asked me for a ‘Breaking Bad’ blanket, but not in the colours featured in the excellent series, but bright reds, pinks, purples, etc. No drab colours for my men! 🙂

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    • Thanks for your comment, it just goes to show that we all have our own likes and dislikes and we always take into consideration who the blanket is for 🙂 I can tell your men are the happy variety 🙂


  3. My first afghan was commandeered by my husband. It can be hard to find patterns for men. Thanks for the compilation.

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  4. What a lovely selection. I am thinking that the stitch on the beige blanket may be a linked treble? x

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  5. My husband loved the afghans his grandmother used to make us! I better get started on one for him!!

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  6. Awesome. I am wondering about a blanket for a man? Have done the usual hats, scarfs, etc. Maybe a blanket will be just the thing, in one of these pretty grey shades. Thanks for the idea, you have me thinking! 🙂

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  7. The football afghan is amazing!!

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  8. My husband is perfectly happy to wrap any crocheted blanket around himself in public if it means he will be warm:)

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  9. Actually, I like manly and girly things, but it does feel special when something is purposely for men. My dad likes scarfs that are really soft, I’m sure he’d like a blanket too. I thought about making slightly smaller blankets for all the kids in my family ( but who knows if I’ll accomplish it or not)

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    • Hey Aaron! the beauty of handmade custom gifts is that you can make something very unique for each person. I would definitely start now if you have more than one blanket to make…..I am thinking on starting one too…good luck!! 🙂

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  10. II agree that guys like to ‘cuddle’ with a crocheted blanket, whether they admit it or not! I love the grays in these blankets. The football blanket is incredible! Thanks for sharing these. You enjoy today too! ~ Vickie

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    • Hi Vickie! I know they do lol …crochet blankets are IN!! yes, gray is such a solid calm color, I love grays for blankets and yes a football blanket is perfect for a guy that is into football 🙂

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