I just love to keep in contact with each of you Lovely People, I am always smiling when I write my posts, I want you to know that my day is Always Happier after I visit with Y O U, hugs and much love.

So, now I want you to enjoy all the beautiful granny squares that we had for Granny Square Day 2015.

Granny Square Day is an annual event open to all who want to take part and it has gone on for several years now. It seems that it is getting bigger with each passing year.

Please sign up for Instagram if you want to take part next year 🙂 this was my first year participating and I enjoyed it very much.

My granny square you have seen before,  so it is  “Vintage”  in a way 🙂 please look to the right,  where it says Instagram…

We had I believe over 3,000 squares from all around the world.

The organizer/creator is  Suregal27, or Susan,  she did a very good job, and she is a very nice lady.  Please click on the link and you can see I am not exaggerating 🙂

So, this is all for today, Enjoy It Is A Gift!!




  1. What wonderful projects! I love those mugs! Might have to get myself one! My birthday coming up soon!!!

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  2. Granny squares always make for a cheery post and this is no exception:)

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  3. Looks great on the mug will have you wanting more nice coffee, hot chocolate, etc. Be Blessed because you are, Mtetar

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  4. Brilliant, sounds fun. X

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