Well, to start, WOW!!!

I came across Itoamika Jung Jung a Fiber Artist and I love her work, it is out of this world, literally 🙂 


I cannot imagine all the tiny stitches that went into these beauties.

Image result for jungjung crochet 


I am speechless, Are You??

I have no words left so I am leaving….Have a Thankful Thursday, okay? 🙂


  1. Absolutely superb!

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  2. Wow, they really are great, especially the flowers. x

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  3. Yes, I am speechless, too.

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  4. Such dainty stitches – those flowers and veggies at the top look so realistic! I also love the contrast between the delicate work of this post and the chunky-ness of the post you reblogged – two extremes and I love them both! 😀

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  5. These are so beautiful! Thanks for highlighting them.


  6. I love seeing crochet as art! Her work makes me smile.

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