Welcome May, I hope you bring more sunshine and rain and keep all the flowers blooming and our spirits happy.

Well, my Big Cozy Blanket is still unfinished, but I am working on it so that is good news.

In other news: I bought my Tunisian hook and I am itching to start the learning process but I need to stay focused, hopefully this weekend I can use it without feeling too guilty šŸ™‚

My dishcloths pile is getting bigger, and I am feeling more confident with new stitches, like the Star stitch it is such a nice looking stitch and after you get the “rhythm” it is easy to do.

Next stitch I have my eye on is the Raspberry stitch, I know it is easy …..after I master it šŸ™‚

So, these are my short-term goals and I am hoping I will have exciting news for my Monday Updates šŸ™‚

I am going to spend my weekend visiting with you too, all that inspiration makes me want to spend all day with my hooks and yarns, but…. I need to m-o-v-e and see nature and sunshine…

So, this is all for now, Stay Inspired and enjoy your weekend. Hugs!! Smiles!! šŸ™‚

googleImage result for crochet dolls cute Image result for crochet dolls cute

Image result for crochet butterfly free pattern Image result for crochet butterfly free pattern

Image result for crochet butterfly free pattern Image result for crochet butterfly free pattern



  1. I love that butterfly mat. Might just make one!

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  2. Happy month of May!

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  3. Oh I love the butterfly rug. i wish I could read what it says about where it came from. I NEED this.


  4. I shall be really interested in your Tunisian crochet, I was looking at a beautiful shawl pattern earlier that was made using Tunisian crochet. That’s what happens to me with blogging, I just keep getting new inspiration! I still have yet to start my dishcloths, hopefully this month! Have a great weekend. Oh, and I love the cute little dogs šŸ™‚

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    • totally understand Sharon, crochet overload lol…..there is so much to try and so little time. I have started doing weekly goals because there is no way i can keep adding to my must do list…have a great week!! šŸ™‚

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